$600 VISA Give Away ~ enter here!

As promised, here is your chance to win a $600 VISA gift card!

tis the season giveaway picture

Come on team MSH! I hope one of you wins. If you do what would you use it on?

I would buy my girls each an extra special gift & take Peter to Nobu for top notch sushi. (the only thing I don’t make at home!)

I can’t enter, but you can! So go ahead it is easy, just use the form at the end of this post.

Fingers & toes crossed!

** Kelly **

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  1. Well not sure about the firm to fill in? Was it this one? I’d take a soulful friend for lunch and then buy a painting for my new kitchen! A bouquet of wine … The name of the picture :)

    • This is not the form Bella, but I am happy that you shared what you would do with it! It is the rafflecopter form at the end of the post. You click to follow, tweet, pin whatever you like and each action gets an entry or two. lmk if you see what I mean.

  2. There was not a space to leave an email so here it is – tammigirl at gmail dot com.

  3. I would spend this $600 on Christmas gifts and a new respectable outfit for myself.

  4. ooooh! fun :)

  5. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    I would use it to buy some new linens for my dining table. Thanks for the chance!

    • Hi Penny! Thank you for your kind comment over at Pamela’s blog. I am so happy to have you join us at My Soulful Home. Special table linens are such a nice thing to have. Good luck!

  6. Hmmm, not sure… maybe towards a weekend getaway for my family!

  7. definitely to buy a holiday gift for my husband (we don’t normally have money to exchange with ourselves) and a little for crafting supplies!

  8. BlackAsphodel says:

    I’d splurge on shoes and clothes.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. Stacey Roberson says:

    I am low on Christmas cash this year, so I would spend most, if not all, on gifts for the family.

  10. If I won $600, I would buy my husband a new suit because he desperately needs a new one and I would buy some clothes or toys for my 2 year old daughter =)

  11. Cindy DeSpain says:

    What a lovely blog. Really like the ginko trees! Where is this?

    • Thank you so much Cindy! I am in Southern California. The trees on in front of my house and up & down my block. Hope to see you here again soon!

  12. Cindi Lou Lawson says:

    Wow…. If I had $600, I think I would get a vinyl cutting machine to help grow my home business. Does that sound silly? It would be my Christmas present to myself!

    • No Cindi that doesn’t sound silly at all. Last Christmas I gave my self my blog in that I bought the software need to run it. What do you make with the vinyl? Good luck to you!!

  13. Thank you for this giveaway! I would buy a ticket for my daughter and I to go see my brother and his kids! What a wonderful present for all of us! <3

  14. rayraycartucci says:

    I would spend that money at the dentist…really would make me smile for the holidays since I have a cap that needs replacing. Thanks so much! Have a great week everyone!

  15. I know it sounds pretty boring but it would make me happy and warm – I would get some insulation for my attic.

  16. I am going to be boring and just say give to charity because I don’t need anymore stuff- would like certain things like art and books but then I would just have to store them somewhere. But there are loads of useful things this could get!! x

  17. Helen Yam says:

    Baby N just took his first steps, so I would buy him a pair of cute shoes. Then I would take the family to Santa Barbara for Christmas…a much needed getaway for the whole family.

  18. I would love to win this and do something special for some family members and friends who are really struggling financially and healthwise right now!

  19. steve weber says:

    I would put this money towards the big Christmas dinner I’m having this year with extended family.

  20. If I won this I would by my 10 year old daughter some new clothes. She is autistic and has a really hard problem with texture so it is difficult to find her clothes that don’t hurt her to wear. I would also buy my husband something for Christmas since he works so hard as a soldier and I haven’t been able to buy him presents very often in our marriage.

    • Oh Tammy…thank you for sharing. I am sending good luck out to you. Thank your husband for all he does for all of us.

  21. My son is going to study abroad in Ecuador for a semester and is leaving in January. I would put it toward his expenses for his trip if I won.

  22. If I win, I would use the money to pay off some medical bills and give a nice Christmas donation to my favorite dog rescue group. Hugs, Leena

  23. Oooh! I could get all the things my kids want for Christmas with $600!!! And maybe even a much needed pedicure for mommy!

  24. If I win the money I’d buy myself a new IPad, Mine went for a swim with my little boy this summer, lol.

  25. I just found your blog…
    Super cute style!

  26. Wow, $600 would really help with Christmas shopping for my Mother and Brother. I’d buy gifts for them.

  27. Eric Risner says:

    I would get diapers for my kids and some electronics.

  28. John Leahy says:

    I’d buy an iPad Mini and take my wife to dinner at an upscale restaurant.

  29. If I won I’d pick up a new set of dishes, a hard drive, and a horse head mask! The rest I’d use on gifts for various family members and friends.

  30. 2013 has kicked us in the butt. It’s been a tough year with my husband out of work and me on disability. We had to tell the kids that there would be no Christmas gifts this year. Our daughter is taking next semester off from college because we can’t afford to send her back. Hopefully, Dad will get work soon and we can send her back in the Fall. If I won the $600 I would buy some gifts for my kids and pay off something that needs paying with the rest. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win this prize.

    • Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to hear it has been a tough year. Times will get better for sure. I am really hoping you win the prize money. Good luck & be well…

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