You can do this – Creating a Fall Vignette blog tour

You can create beautiful vignettes like those we have seen on this tour.


While I share with you my contribution to the tour, I want to talk to you about why you should create vignettes in your home.


True as true can be, vignettes are not going to cure anything or bring on world peace.  What they will do is make everyday more inviting, give your eye something beautiful to rest on and convey a sense of calm.  This is why you should put some together.


Your home is your sanctuary.  It should be inviting, beautiful & calming.

So to those who might think all this arranging of objects is fluff, I say, “well thought out rooms, good design & welcoming comfortable spaces are powerful”.  Of course that is none of us! Just wanted to let you know my thoughts.

Ok, there is my two cents on why I spend time ( kinda a lot of time ) arranging & re-arranging my home.

Now let’s vignette! (a noun & a verb in my book)

I started with a tray & a pitcher…

vig 1

I believe everyone on the tour agrees there are guidelines for creating a vignette:

  • arrange an odd # of objects
  • use highs & lows
  • incorporate texture
  • layer the objects

These are simply guidelines & if you trust your instincts you can create lovely vignettes by using or ignoring them.  If you are just starting out in the vignetting game copy what you see on blogs or in magazines. Then as you build confidence go for it!  Hey, it is your house after all you can do whatever you want!


Then I added another pitcher & a linen sachet…

vig 3

The tray corrals the objects which is nice.  I could stop here & have a pretty mini vignette, but this is a blog tour to learn how ~ so let’s go big or go home!

Next I added a shorter ironstone pitcher & moved the sachet….critical maneuvers I know!


The arrangement needed some softening up, so I incorporated dried roses in a golden tone….


For more natural elements I tossed in a few acorns…

vig roses

& a glass vase encased in brambles. The 3 white pumpkins add a touch of fall. These objects also serve to balance out the grouping.


I almost always use some of my collection of vintage books in my vignettes.  They are wonderful on their own or stacked to create height.  The gold on the votive pulls around the tones of the roses.  The plates are layered in the background to relate the big pitcher to the glass vase.  The trim on them also plays to the roses.


I thought I would like burlap in the vase along with the wheat, but the wheat looked better alone against the white of the ironstone, so out went the burlap.

Here is my finished vignette for the tour.  As you see it incorporates the guidelines: odd number, highs & lows, texture & layering, but isn’t dictated by them.


I rarely buy something specific to create a vignette. I decide on a spot, a feel, or theme then pull from cupboards & cabinets.  I put it all out & play around until the “aha” moment when it just looks right.

The main concept to keep in mind when creating a vignette for your home is whether it pleases your eye, heart & soul.  If it does, that is your “aha” and it is done!

Please enjoy the whole tour.  You will learn something from each blogger.  I know I have!

** Kelly **

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  1. It’s beautiful, Kelly! I love the white ironstone with the vintage silver…one of my favorite combinations! Your step-by-step is so helpful! Thanks so much for joining us on the tour!…hugs…Debbie

    • My pleasure! I love the idea behind these tours. To share some techniques, tips and to see them implemented in so many different ways. Thank you!

  2. Oh your vignette is gorgeous. I love the tray of pitchers, and the wheat is such a pretty finishing touch. Great turotial and tieing all the colors into the wheat and roses is so pretty. Great tutorial. Hugs, Marty

  3. Beautiful and inspiring.

  4. Your vignette is stunning!!! As are the ones you showed at the beginning of your post! Love how you added the vintage book to the display.
    Mary Alice

    • Mary Alice you are too kind to me! Thank you. I love that book. Wish I could show you all the pages each one illustrated. I is falling apart but I adore it.

  5. Thank you Kelly, this is great! I often stall out about halfway through and while it is respectable it is not wonderful. You have inspired me to work a little more and really do it right.

  6. So pretty, Kelly and covers the all the aspects of a vignette well.

  7. Your first vignette had me gasp….lovely!!! You have such a wonderful vintage style. Thanks for the wonderful tips and eye candy! Pinned lots and shared! XXOO ` Christy

  8. Just lovely!
    I do the same when creating vignettes. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything specifically for a vignette unless it is fresh flowers. I do that sometimes. Like you, I work until I have the aha moment. I do love those aha moments.

  9. Beautiful job Kelly! I Love that wheat it looks gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful, Kelly! I love how you pulled it all together. And, you have such gorgeous pieces to work with. I really have to hunt down more ironstone pitchers — LOVE them! :)

  11. I love your beautiful vignette. F

  12. I love your formula! So clever, I wish you were closer to me in London to help me do my shelves when they ever are ready! PS can’t find white little pumpkins here…

    • I wish I were closer to you so I could help with with your shelves, when you get shelves again AND for so many other reasons… laughs over cocktails, strolls through Regent Park, shopping on New Bond, treasure hunting on Portabello. We need to be more than virtual friends!!

  13. Absolutely positively beautiful!! Kelly I love what you shared about not minimizing the impact that it can have on us to be surrounded by things that reflect who we are and give us a sense of calm. And I cracked up that ‘vignette’ is both a noun and a verb for you! LOL! The one you created is stunning and I’m so glad we are on this tour together!

    • Thank so ever so much Vanessa! Living surrounded buy the things ( and moreover, the people! ) you love arranged artfully ( the people tend to move about but that is ok… ) does make a huge difference in one’s outlook & happiness. At least that is what I think! Live it large & lovely! I really appreciate your enthusiastic & kind comment. Thrilled to be on tour with you!

  14. Beautiful vignette’s Kelly!Thank you for sharing your simple tricks and tips! So excited to have you join us on this tour!

  15. Kelly, thanks for the “aha” moment and tips. It’s true, ones decor decisions really need to satisfy the heart and soul to be beautiful. Years ago I stopped reading my decorating resources and made a decision to set my own decorating guidelines based on what I liked and felt connected to.My aha moments.

    • Laura thank you so much for your comment…You have fabulous instincts to trust & I have seem several of your “aha’s” already reading your blog.

  16. Botanic Bleu says:

    Well, I say you went BIG, and don’t have to go home! Love your sense of style and your sense of humor. You did a very nice job explaining how you created your vignette. All of the bloggers on the tour have done an outstanding job, but with their own personal styles, just as you encouraged us to do.

    I am looking forward to reading your future posts now that I have found your blog.


  17. Such a beautiful fall space! Love those little white boos … so fun partying on this tour with you.

  18. This is a perfect vingette! I love the wheat and the mix of textures with the white pitchers as well as the mix of light and dark elements. I’ve learned so much reading about everyone’s vignette-making process this week! Glad to have been on the tour with you!

  19. Kelly I love your vignette! Ironstone and wheat are just amazing together!

  20. Pretty much love everything about this…! Thanks so much for sharing…found you via Savvy Southern…hope you’ll stop by my place as well! Happy Wednesday!

  21. You hit the nail right on the head as to why it’s important to create vignettes in our home! Our nests are the shelter from the storm so to speak, for our family and for us! Love your tips and your vignette! So fun to party with you in this blog tour! Pinned and shared on facebook! Hugs Heather

  22. Great tips…beautiful vignettes!!


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