Can’t Contain Myself – a container garden

You ever been bone tired?

The kind of tired when it feels kinda good to be so.  Tired, like you earned the rest you will get at the end of the day…


I imagine this is the way farmers or Olympic athletes feel nightly. Don’t you think?

Well, I am that kind of tired tonight because I dug big holes, transplanted a very large camilla bush (pretty much a tree), weeded, amended soil and made a new pretty spot in my garden. I can’t contain myself, must share with you the pretty spot before I nod off!


It is a new container garden in an old enamelware tub.  I used my favorite flower color combo white, yellow & purple. And yes, I planted this container garden using the three secrets ~ banana peel, egg shells & coffee grinds.  ( read here if you have no idea what I am talking about & are thinking I am more than just tired! )


For this container garden I selected these plants:

  • 1 Angelonia ‘Archangel White’; 
  • 1 Angelonia ‘Serena Purple;
  • 3 Coreopsis ‘Pineapple Pie’;
  • 8 Silverdust ‘Dusty Miller’;
  • 8 Sweet Alysum;
  • 6 Marigolds

The Coreopsis Pineapple Pie is new to me.  I love it’s rusty center & happy look.


These plants aside from the variety of colors, have textural differences that make the container garden interesting. What they do have in common is a love of the sun and the same water needs.  Having those two things in common is essential for a healthy container garden.  When you are choosing plants to fill a container read the labels or ask at your local nursery ( you are more than welcome to ask me too! ) to find out if the plants will happily co-exist in the spot you want to place the container garden.


I will be happy to see what I accomplished when I wake up, but right now all I want to do is hit the hay. (big yawn…)

Goodnight my friends,

** Kelly **

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    • says

      Thank you Mary Alice! Hope you are having a nice weekend. My parents are visiting & my girls are in a production of Hello Dolly. Super busy & fun here!

  1. Beth N says

    Love this container arrangement! Purple and yellow is my favorite combination but I am starting to appreciate how wonderful white brightens up my garden. I am fairly new to your blog/site so the link to the three secrets is greatly appreciated and will be used. I throw those things in my compost pile but will now save them for instant success. Only catch is I drink tea not coffee so have plenty of used tea. Do you know if it is as effective as coffee grounds?

    I love your style and am enjoying your post. Thanks for sharing!


    • says

      Welcome Beth! Thanks so much for visiting and for your comment. I love color in the garden, but white seems to enliven the other colors even more. In addition, I love the way white flowers are almost “lights” in the evening hours. We are definitely kindred spirits…I am a tea drinker too. My husband’s coffee habit feeds our garden. Tea leaves are helpful to plants, but the catch is that often the tea bag is not compostable. Maybe you use just leaves, if so have at it. If you use tea bags & want to use the leaves in in your garden, then I suggest you cut open the bags. Tedious maybe…but…maybe you do it daily & collect a nice heaping pile in an old container then spread it is the garden rather than making a tiny contribution daily. Just a thought…
      Thanks again for visiting My Soulful Home!
      p.s. I will email u & let u know I responded in case u didn’t subscribe to the comments. Hope that is ok.

    • Beth N says

      Thanks Kelly! As you said white brings so much light to the garden in many ways.

      Very helpful suggestion on the tea, I have a mason jar that use to collect the tea to distribute when full, now it will bypass the compost bin for the garden or my containers. I may even see how hard it is to break into those (horribly wasteful) cup things they use at work for coffee to add to my stash. Gardening inside and out is my main passion. The tired you were feeling while righting this post is my favorite kind of tired!

      Thanks again for the inspiration and email to let know you responded. Still new to the whole blog thing but am loving figuring it out.

      My Best,

    • says

      You go Beth! Break in & get those grinds. I am pretty new to the whole bloggy world too. It is really wonderful & I am thoroughly enjoying the figuring out of it too. I think you will really like the post I am working on now. You will find a whole new world of garden inspiration. It will come out tomorrow morning. Hope to see you here again & again….oh, and where do you live..I should ask what garden zone?
      All the Best,

  2. says

    Dear Kelly, Saw you lovely container planter on Hometalk and wanted to follow up on the “drainage” set up. Makes sense to me, as I have a “dish” pan that belonged to my mother and this would be a perfect way to utilize it. Don’t know where you got the idea tea bags are not compostable, but that’s not the case. You can remove the staples and toss everything else in the bin. You certainly wouldn’t want to be drinking tea that’s been placed in materials that are questionable for composting, one would hope. For those of you who don’t drink coffee, check with your local Starbucks. They normally will give you a free bag of spent grounds for free. They really deserve lots of credit for being one of the first big name companies to promote recycling in that way. I am a certified Master Gardener and have over 30 years of experience using organic gardening methods. I teach classes and give lectures on composting, vermicomposting and organic gardening. My main area of expertise is vegetables, fruit and nut trees and roses. However, having been exposed to other MGs that are into perennials and other types of flowers, I’ve started to expand my knowledge base. Love these gardening blogs! It is so gratifying to see young people taking an earth friendly approach to gardening. 🙂

    • says

      Catherine thank you so very much for your kind & informative comment! As far as the teabag question, this is what I have read in the Telegraph newspaper as well as from a watchdog group “Which ?”. Six out of the 7 largest teabag manufacturers do not make fully compostable tea bags. They use polypropylene to seal the bags. Jackson’s of Piccadilly is the only large manufacturer producing fully compostable bags. It is suggested to use loose tea. I am a devotee of PG tea, but may switch over now that I have this info…steeping with a non compostable product seems ill advised! Where do you teach? I would love to take some classes! Thanks again for your comment & visit to My Soulful Home…

  3. says

    Very pretty! Moss rose would look pretty on there too…it likes the same watering as dusty miller…but dusty miller get huge here! Have a wonderful afternoon!

    • says

      Lyn, Thanks for your comment & question. I couldn’t drill holes in the vintage tub, so I used a mixture of gravel & packing peanuts. It has been working really well all summer. Hope to see you here again & again!