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Gertrude, I couldn’t agree more.

I might add, that gardeners are also wonderful teachers.

I asked a group of passionate & experienced gardeners to do just that by sharing their best garden advice or tip with you.

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They agreed!  Of course they did…gardeners are sharers.

Get ready to bookmark, take notes or better yet, grab your shovel & put these words of garden wisdom to work!


Barb, of Our Fairfield Home & Garden, is sharing wonderful plant combinations and advises to go to the nursery with a plan.

Here is one stunning combination for a sunny spot ~ Echinacea “Burgundy Fireworks”, Caryoperis “Little Miss Sunshine” and Ninebark “Coppertina”.

Echinacea, plant combinations.,

Melissa, the Empress of Dirt, gives a tip I never would have thought of…tie a ribbon around your most spectacular bloom so when it is time to harvest the seeds you know which plant to harvest. Brilliant!

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Tanya over at Lovely Greens gives lots of advice ( with the help of her friends ) in this post on sowing an edible garden.  You and the bunnies in your neighborhood will love the results of all Tanya’s expert advice.

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Stephanie at Garden Therapy advises us on the best way to make an upside down tomato planter.  A terrific way to grow tomatoes or other veggies when you are short on space.

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Lynne who authors Sensible Gardening & Living blog dishes out 15 tips on buying & planting annuals.  We all will be doing this, so definitely a resource to check out.

15 tips on buying & planting annuals /

Amy at A Healthy Life for Me has tips on what to do when those April showers give you May flowers.  Click through to Amy’s post to find out what to do in your garden in May.

What to do in your garden in May /

Finally, have you heard of Mason bees?  Find out why they are important to not only your garden, but the world and how to make artful homes for them from Jacki at Blue Fox Farm.

Mason bees /

All this advice & these tips should keep you busy throughout the Spring & Summer!

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Pin to share as all gardeners would.

Do you have any gardening advice or a tip to share?

** Kelly **

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    thank you for this post Kelly, off to check out all of these wonderful blogs. it is still a rainy 38 degrees here in WI, a very cold spring after a very cold winter. your post gives me a little hope that I will see my flower garden eventually…

    • says

      Oh Kathi I am sooo sorry to hear that! It WILL get warmer & your flowers WILL bloom. Hang in there & until then live vicariously thru these gardeners!

  2. says

    Kelly, it’s wonderful, very nicely put together and a fun read – thanks for the call out – the bees will thank you!