Happy Mother’s Day…

Mothers and Children a lovely saying-www.mysoulfulhome.com

I know today is about mothers, but without our children where would we mothers be?

I know I would not be half of who I have come to be.

Ava & Lara, thank you for giving me this day, and a lifetime of love to celebrate!

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mom and all you moms, grandmas, aunts and special ladies.

We are truly blessed ( and our kids are so darn lucky to have us! )



p.s. PIN it if you’d like!

mothers & children a lovely saying-www.mysoulfulhome.com


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Kelly! Have a lovely day with your family x

  2. Dana Fulton says:

    Lovely, Kelly! I hope your day was joyful!

  3. Crystal says:

    Love the printable!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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