Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner – Place cards

Place cards ~ do they have a place at your table?

Holiday place cards

If you don’t have them chances are your Thanksgiving guests won’t leave saying…

“Well, the turkey she raised and cooked to perfection & the cranberry sauce she made from her bog of berries & the vegetables she grew from her raised beds & the pie she made from her home grown heirloom apples & the center piece she whittled from a fallen tree in her yard…well, those things were all nice, but…did you notice there were no place cards?!


No they won’t –  because place cards do not make or break a holiday meal.  

That being said, they do elevate the occasion.  Don’t you think?

Cinnamon Stick Place Cards

People like to have a “place”.  They stand around wondering – not wanting to sit in anybody’s spot.  

I bet your family has “spots”. Mine does. So place cards at a holiday meal not only elevate, but take out the guess work.

These cinnamon stick place cards are easy to make, and dare I say, are lovely!

This is what you need:


  • Cinnamon sticks
  • stiff twine or thin cording
  • ribbon
  • flowers and/or greenery
  • a small tag
  • hole punch
  • pinking shears (if u want to get snazzy!)

Slide the twine or cording through the cinnamon stick and tie the ends together at the mid point.

Insert the flowers and/or greenery in to the end with the bigger gap.  Trim ends if needed.


Add ribbon, twine or other embellishment & tie.  Add hole punched tag with name & tie again.


Wasn’t that easy?  

If you don’t use any glue, which you don’t need & I didn’t, you can reuse the cinnamon stick to make your house smell great.  Click here to learn how.

Cinnamon stick place cards These cinnamon stick place cards will have a place on my table this Thanksgiving along with our traditional Thankful Cards.

It really is the little things that make a regular day, a holiday and people ~ feel special. 

Pin my place cards to your holiday or projects boards and give them a try!

** Kelly **

 You may also like the scrubbing pads I made into pumpkins!  They are truly darling and can also be used as a place cards by adding a little tag.  Have a look here...

Pumpkin from a scrubbing pad - a repurpose

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  1. says

    What a beautiful place card you created! It also is a wonderful favor for each guest to take home to enjoy.

  2. says

    Those are SO lovely and unique. Little works of art! It’s been fun participating in the Virtual Progressive Dinner with you, I’m pinning these gorgeous place cards for later.

  3. says

    Very pretty! Love the flowers and the cinnamon stick combo! Thanks for sharing!