Shabby Art Boutique Guest Post

Hey guess what ~ I popped up “down under”.  Today, or was it yesterday (with 17 hours between us I am not really sure) My Soulful Home was honored with a guest post at the blog, Shabby Art Boutique.  I pulled out my most ‘shabbilicious’ tutorial and Kerryanne put it in the spot light.  Have a look here!



Kerryanne & her blog hail from New South Wales, a seaside community in Australia.  This whole blogging adventure is so awesome. Before this I didn’t know anyone from Australia. Now I call an Aussie a friend!  I can go on about how much fun I am having doing this…but I think you can tell.

Shabby Art Boutique is not only a blog, but I bet you guessed…it is also a boutique. Take a looksee at some of what Kerryanne creates. Not too shabby, right? Oh no, I mean very very “SHABBY” in the best way!

shabby heart

shabby bookt

Kerryanne also produces a magazine you can get free from her site…yes I said FREE!  Don’t be silly go get one!

shabby mag

There are also on on site class, on line classes, an e-book….and did I mention, the fabulous blog.   Please take a moment or two to visit Shabby Art Boutique & Woodberry Designs.  Kerryanne is the nicest person possible and I know you will enjoy your time there.

Good’ day mates!!

**  Kelly **




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  1. Awww… thanks Kelly. It was so lovely to have you guest posting at Shabby Art Boutique. Blogging has truly made it a small world these days and I’m so glad to have friends all over the globe.

    Honey, we are going to have to fix you up with some real Aussie slang and turn your ‘Good Day Mate’ into more of a gidday mate :)
    Hugs ,

  2. Kelly, your project over at Shabby Art Boutique is just beautiful! Thanks for introducing us to Kerryanne and have a happy Thursday!

  3. You go girl! You are everywhere! KerryAnne is amazing and really creative!

    Happy day to you!

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