Soulful Sundays ~ a wonderful thought…

I am spending the weekend with 56 middle school singers.

Watching them perform, interact & just be made me think, “how excitingthey have it all in front of them“.  Experiences, choices, people, loves, jobs, places…mostly ALL to come.  “How lucky are they” …

Then as I lay my head down after a looong day, I considered this for all of us…


At any age this is a thought for ALL of us.

Here’s to everyone having possibilities lie before them. Each day being a new beginning filled with adventure, surprises, learning, love & laughter.

(And here’s to not being in middle school anymore!)

** Kelly **

p.s. the Choir swept the festival with awards & trophies to mark their outstanding performances.  Well done Bel Canto!  And yes, even better days are to come, isn’t that awesome?!

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  1. mary jane says

    Such a wonderful way to look life. No matter what your age…..each day is full of promise.

  2. says

    Wonderful thought Kelly! Sometimes it’s really valuable to remember sentiments like these. I have a favourite thought or two posted around the house; like Henry Ford’s “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right” quote in my studio. Congratulations to your little singers; they must be well proud! Hope your weekend is turning out to be a lovely one. 🙂 Big hugs.

    • says

      Oh that is a good one from ole’ Henry! They are well proud & big did they earn it. They meet 5 days a week at 7 am to rehearse. That is grueling, but they all love it. So wonderful to watch the bond they have all formed too…they are a team.

  3. maureen caggiano says

    Hey kelly~

    My sister in law is planning a trip to Nappa. What was that vineyard you recommended in the cave was it Jarvis?

    • says

      Yes Jarvis! It was in a cave & quite different than other wineries. I believe you have to make an appointment or maybe even know someone in their wine club to get in. Have her call to check. Hope all is well!