How to use a French Press

We are going French Press at My Soulful Home.

How to use a French Press

A French Press is the classic coffee maker, also known as  a”plunge pot”.

Ok, there is all the evidence you need on the power of words.  ~ which would you rather use a French Press” or a “Plunge Pot”?

Yes, pretty much anything with French in the name sounds appealing. With its simple lines, the French Press looks appealing and the brew make the taste very appealing.

How to use a French Press

So what have we been waiting for?

I definitely would have one on the counter (see there is room to the right of the sink & left of the vintage bone chart ) in my fantasy pied a terre’. Why not here in Cali?

Get a French Press coffee pot of your own here.  Bodum is a great brand at a reasonable price.

my fantasy pied a terre'/

French style & quality caffeine, let’s learn how to use it!

How to Use a French Press Coffee Maker


  • a French Press
  • coarsely ground coffee
  • TB spoon
  • hot water

How to use a French Press /


  • Pull plunger out of the pot
  • Put 2 rounded TB spoon of coffee in the bottom for each 8 oz cup
  • Pour correct amount of hot ( not boiling ) water into the pot
  • Stir brew gently
  • Place plunger on top of the pot
  • wait a few minutes
  • Push plunger into the pot firmly, but gently ~ there should be some resistance
  • Pour & enjoy!

How to use a French Press/

Those are the basics, French Press 101 if you will. The Stump Town Coffee crew, local LA roasters, would add these details to elevate your FP brew:

  • Pre-heat your mug & pot with a swirl of boiling water
  • After putting in the coffee soak the grounds for a minute or so, then add the rest of the water
  • Let the brew steep for 4 minutes exactly
  • Plunge gently & pour
  • If you aren’t drinking it all right away, decant it so it doesn’t continue to extract.

How to use a French Press/ I would add:

  • A freshly baked warm croissant
  • a copy of Le Monde
  • a vintage silk robe
  • a scratchy Edith Piaf record playing softly

Those last bits are strictly optional of course.

How to use a French Press

There is a bit more effort to making coffee with a French Press, even if you leave out putting on Edith Piaf, but your efforts are rewarded with superior taste …and style!

How to do make coffee?

** Kelly **

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  1. Dana Fulton says

    On our last trip to Paris my husband, Jack’s, eyes were literally opened to the joys of the French Press. He has one at home and work and loves them. He grinds his specially purchased and thoughtfully combined beans. It’s akin to a religious experience for him when it’s done perfectly. Me, I’m a tea girl. But I can relate to the love of the process. Thank you for such a fun and informative posting. Beautiful as always!

    • says

      Très bon Dana! Thank you for your wonderful comment. I like to think of you touring about Paris with your Jack!

  2. says

    Love our Bodums, even though I don’t drink coffee. Some of my children do and our guests also. I’ve had two small and one large brass for years and years. They are something I grew up with in Europe. I have a black plastic and glass one for leaf tea and no one is allowed to use it for coffee. Works brilliantly for tea. X

  3. Judith W. says

    Love, love, love my French press coffee. Important for me is that the coffee be freshly ground; thus you need a suitable grinder and purchase whole beans stored in tightly capped glass container. Secondly, important that the water be “just off the boil” as the English say – which you sort of say here, but perhaps people may find this more descriptive. Next, be sure to stir the water and grounds with a plastic or wooden spoon so you do not accidentally chip or break your glass carafe. Finally – I never before heard to plunge the mixture until the four minutes have elapsed. This is the way I have seen this served in England, and also the way I have found the instructions in the past. The secret is to release the oil from the grounds into the water, then decant the brew at the ideal time. Wonder if there are other sources that say to plunge first, then wait the four minutes?

  4. Dana Fulton says

    To Veronica Roth: Please tell me about making tea in the French Press!! I will buy one just for my tea drinking pleasure! Thank you in advance!

  5. annpauley says

    French pressed coffee is the best way to enjoy your morning brew!
    It’s also good topped off with frothy cream!
    Ann P.

  6. says

    We’ve used a French Press for years and years and still enjoy it. One of the pleasure of the French Press is that you can bring it to the table and pour individual cups for everyone there. Thanks for the additional tips.

  7. Georgia Howell says

    I love my French Press!. I have read that using filtered water makes a better flavored coffee.

    • says

      Thanks for coming by Georgia! I have read that too, but I guess it really depends on the water you have on tap. Ours is pretty good tasting so we go tap. Hope to see you around My Soulful Home again soon!

  8. Liz says

    Without a doubt, French press coffee is the best coffee out there.
    I’ve been drinking French press coffee for years and will never turn back. I know grinding beans before making coffee can be time-consuming but I find this is the way to get the best and freshest coffee compared to pre-ground . I recently just purchased a manual coffee grinder from Grosche ( that I love. It easily grinds your beans to the perfect French coarseness. I seriously recommend it to those who take their coffee seriously.

  9. Angelica says

    What coffee would you recommend for the French press? I have one but have never used it, and would like to finally make coffee in it. Thanks!

    • says

      Angelica, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. For a French Press you want to use a coarse grind. While you can get a nice cup of coffee from pre-ground store bought beans, the best cup will come from fresh, organic, recently ground beans.
      Hope that helps.