Week in Review ~ a knock, our community & special gifts

Doors usually open to the future…you have heard the old saying a zillion times “one door close & another opens” ~ opening to something new.

But sometimes the door opens ( literally ) to the past.


There was a knock at my door yesterday at 5:30 pm. Homework doing, dinner cooking time + the fact that the contents of 3 of the upstairs rooms are downstairs because of the painting.  ( I got a bit carried away & am painting not just Lara’s room, more on that next week…)

So in the midst of chaos a knock…knock…knock

I open the door to this ” You may think it is strange that I am at your door, but I grew up here!”


My mind skipped strange & went right to the CHAOS within.  She can’t see the house this way, what a terrible impression…. & I call myself a home blogger – looks more like a home hoarder.  (She could have been a robber, but I was so caught up in the mess that didn’t cross my mind.)

Panic in my head, but a smile on my face.  I slowly let her in ~ after explaining & apologizing for the current state of affairs.


Turns out she wasn’t a robber ~ she reads my blog & recognized the house and she didn’t care that the house was upside down.

She walked through remembering happy times spent here.  It was really nice.  I was so glad I welcomed her in.  The visit did us both good.


She didn’t see the mess & piles from upstairs on the dining room table or the books & 1/2 eaten snack on the counter.  She saw herself as a little girl in her house.  As a result, I stopped seeing the mess too.


Glad I feel better about it now, as the chaos will remain for several more days ’cause I am off to San Francisco with my Girl Scout Troop.  We are embarking on the ceremonious “bridging” across the Golden Gate.  Troop 4091 along with about 5k other Scouts will make the journey.


The painting will just have to wait. C’est la vie…


Speaking of…I mean, in French.  You all LOVE your French Presses.

How to use a French Press/www.mysoulfulhome.com

I love that you not only told me so, you started talking to one another in your comments.  That’s what I call a blog community!  So for Dana, who wanted to know how Veronica makes tea in a French Press, I found this link. Veronica feel free to add your expertise of course.


I bet you can’t believe it is May already.  I can’t!  May of course brings Mother’s Day.


If you haven’t found that special something yet, look no further than the collection of handmade gifts by my friend Ann of Ann on Sutton Place.


I love Ann’s aprons & tea towels, but everything is so special.  Special enough for your mom, grandma, aunt or any lady who touches your heart.


The Pinterest Board of Interest this week is Coffee Talk curated by Victoria Smith of Surfer Girl by the Bay (one of the first blogs I ever read). This Pin is the Ultimate Iced Coffee recipe by Simply Delicious. Pin it, make it, drink it!


As we have been talking coffee & the “Bay” is the San Francisco Bay this board seems fitting. My house may be a mess, but my brain is keeping it together!

Have any of you “bridged” across the Golden Gate”?


** Kelly **

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  1. geri clifford says


    I am sure your “UNEXPECTED VISITOR” left your home with a smile on her face after seeing first hand how her former house is still filled with love.

  2. says

    Thank you so much for the lovely feature! Hope you have a fun weekend with your Girl Scouts. I led my daughter’s Camp Fire Group from Kindergarten until 8th grade. Some of the best times ever!

    • says

      My pleasure Ann! Your designs & creations are so beautiful and well made I wanted to share them with my readers.

  3. says

    Oh what a delightful surprise. How fun to meet a previous owner.

    • says

      Yes Marty it was a nice SURPRISE! She lived here until 7th grade…just about the age of my oldest. Have a nice weekend & thanks for coming by!

  4. annpauley says

    I loved the post! It reminded me of what I did years ago, when I stopped at my grandmother’s home. It was a very
    nostalgic trip in time…
    BTW, i love the fireplace and the way you dressed it! VERY COOL!

    • says

      You always make me smile with your comments Ann! Did you really stop at your Grandma’s house? Hope the new owners were not in the middle of a mess like me!! I bet they were so happy to have you!! Glad you like my fireplace’s “outfit”!

  5. says

    That is very cool. One of my daughters was a girl scout, but that was ages and ages ago. (She switched to boy scouts because she liked the boy scout activities better…this is the child who also joined her brother’s rugby league…lol.) Your story brings to mind that my youngest went to play with her best friend across the street from our previous house, which I had sold. The new owners were carrying on an extensive redo of the interior and called her over. She came home with a piece of plasterboard they carefully removed and saved for me. It was a panel I painted in my old dining room of a monkey reaching for a slice of melon. So now I have that piece of plasterboard with the tropme l’oeil in my new heritage home…not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but I’m happy to have it. That was sweet, wasn’t it?

    • says

      So sweet! Glad you have your monkey with melon! Maybe frame it… Love the confidence of your daughter joining Boy Scouts & a rugby team! Thanks for sharing Veronica

  6. says

    What a lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing so much great information. I loved the story about your house guest. What a blessing for you both.

    Have a great day,

  7. Odessa Graham says

    I am thrilled for both the “stranger at the door” and for you, Kelly! What a treat for you both, to see that beautiful home from each others perspective! Sometimes, unexpected visitors are the best kind! 🙂