Welcoming Christmas…My Holiday Front Porch

My house reminds me of one that might be tucked away in the woods.

Pinecones & Apples in my Christmas decor http://mysoulfulhome.com

Like the one Snow White happened upon, except mine isn’t in the woods, it is in L.A.

Basket as a Christmas wreath http://mysoulfulhome.com

Location can’t stop me from bringing the woods inside, especially now at Christmas.  This time of year I get to even have live trees inside and I love it!

Christmas porch decor http://mysoulfulhome.com

My Woodland Christmas starts at the front porch…

Christmas decor by the front door http://mysoulfulhome.com

There are pinecones (I have a thing for pinecones); branches; berries, apples, kale, magnolia buds (albeit spray painted gold) and evergreens.

I arranged the basket for my door from clippings from the yard, even the kale, and ‘specimens’ from my extensive pinecone collection.

Christmas wreath - a basket full of greens & pinecones http://mysoulfulhome.com

I kid you not, I have 2 hefty bags full of them and still I crave more!  Odd as it is, it is a harmless obsession.

Christmas decor by the front door http://mysoulfulhome.com

The skates are mine.  I got them for Christmas many moons ago.

They served me well all through Jr. High as we went to “the rink” every Friday night.

My BBF and I made many sets of pompoms to coordinate with our sweaters. These green ones are the only set that remains.  So glad I ended up with the green ones.

Plaid blanket in my Christmas decor http://mysoulfulhome.com

I picked up this plaid stadium blanket at an estate sale last month.  Reminds me of one we had when I was little.

It was also a ‘Pringle of Inverness’ and I just liked the way that sounded…Pringle of Inverness. Makes you think of a big stone castle on a moor doesn’t it?

kale - part of my Christmas decor http://mysoulfulhome.com

Ok, back to the woods…or actually my garden.  Here is a white kale close up. Reminiscent of a rose isn’t it?  Love these…and you can eat them too!

Succulents in my fountain at Christmas http://mysoulfulhome.com

I haven’t shown you what I did with the fountain. Well, I moved and drained it.

Love the way it looks with the succulents in general and especially now that it is dressed up for Christmas.

Fountain at Christmas filled with succulents & cheery red balls http://mysoulfulhome.com

What do you think?

Fountain at Christmas time http://mysoulfulhome.com

So this is the way My Soulful Home is looking this Christmas.  Oh, this was a happy accident, look carefully in to the red ball in the next photo.

Christmas porch at http://mysoulfulhome.com

Can you see it? No, not me! The last of the yellow ginkgo leaves on my tree are reflected in the ball.  Nature is reflected all around!

Hope you enjoyed my holiday front porch tour.

Merry Merry!

** Kelly **


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  1. says

    Hi Kelly! Oh my, everything is so beautiful and I truly love the reflection in the red ball in the last photo, not to mention how lovely your fountain looks! Pringle of Inverness DOES sound like a castle! How wonderful that you have your ice skates and the pompoms (I have a thing for pompoms!) Just gorgeous and thanks for sharing your beautiful holiday space with us! Pinning and sharing – have a happy Friday and weekend full of merry! 🙂

  2. says

    Kelly! Your porch is beautiful, I love it all. The skates with the pompom so cute, I hear you on your obsession with pine cones I have a big bag of them too! The kale is gorgeous (I eat it too!) I love how you really brought nature into your design. And that fountain is gorgeous!!!! You have done a beautiful job 🙂




  4. says

    So beautiful Snow White! Fair maiden you are, sweet Kelly, and your front porch is delightful!
    I completely appreciate your pine cone “thing”! Your kale is too pretty to eat my friend and I’m loving the succulents and stones in your relocated fountain.
    Cheers to you and yours!

  5. says

    Love your woodlands home! I love pine cones too…and your succulents are beautiful!! I love how you decorated them all up for the holidays!! 😉
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful decor with us!!


  6. says

    Kelly, your front porch is like a fairy tale. I’m so enchanted! Really by everything, but my favorite is your ice skates. How wonderful is still have them. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Pinning and sharing too! ~Jeanette

  7. says

    I have a thing for pine cones, too! When I first met my husband he thought it was funny, but now he will stop the car when I see some that I want to gather. I love that you have your junior high skates and also the pom-poms! Skates are a perfect decorating touch to use for winter decor. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us this Christmas.

    • says

      Oh I am glad I am not alone! Sometimes when I walk Emmett I can barely hold his leash for all the stuff I am gathering!! You stop for acorns too? I do!

  8. [email protected] of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says

    Beautiful! Your entryway is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the inside! XO

  9. says

    Kelly, I am thrilled you shared your front porch and entryway. It is as lovely as I thought it would be.
    You have such a way with putting things together. I love the ice skates from your youth, the thrifted blanket and the red ornaments in the fountain.
    Thanks so much for sharing on the tour.
    It has been SO much fun and so inspiring.

  10. says

    You really captured the Woodlands Theme, Kelly. I love all of the natural elements. I think my favorite thing is the apples and pinecones.

  11. says

    I must say you have the most beautiful and tasteful Christmas-themed porch I have ever come across in my life. Beautiful and very welcoming indeed! Happy holidays to you and your family Kelly! Have a lovely weekend x

  12. says

    Kelly I never in a million years would’ve guessed that your home is in L.A. – It really does look like it’s nestled in between some wintery snowcapped mountains somewhere. Your porch is so cozy and welcoming!

    • says

      Thanks Jen! Mine is a very old section of LA. Lots of east coast style older homes. I get the look with out the snow! Merry Christmas to you & yours!