Wine Bag Repurpose – from pant legs to wine bags

Back to school has us weeding out the old, the too small & the “uncool”.

With a pile of jeans my girls out grew in my arms, I was struck with an idea…

A repurpose ~ jean leg to wine bag

Those pant legs could be wine gift bags!

Now since this was about 10 am, I want you to know I was not drinking wine, or even thinking about drinking wine.

Just thinking out of the box ~ ( not boxed wine either! )

A Repurpose - pant leg to wine bag

Out of the pile came a few pairs of skinnys.  The best style for my wine bag repurpose.

A Repurpose - pant leg to wine bag

You want the openings to be about 6 inches wide.  You can always make the leg thinner if you don’t have skinny jeans on hand.

The average wine bottle is 13 inches tall, so cut the pant leg at 15 inches. This will give you a one inch seam allowance and a bit extra at the top.

A Repurpose - pant leg to wine bag

Speaking of the top, use the bottom of the jean as the top, so you only need to sew one very short seam.

A Repurpose - pant leg to wine bag

You can round out the bottom if you want by sewing the edges like this, but it isn’t even really necessary.

A Repurpose - pant leg to wine bag

Sew the seam, turn the bag right side out.

Slip in your gift bottle of wine & tie on some ribbon, flowers, a seasonal do-dad maybe & a tag.

My ribbons are burlap, twine and torn strips of denim & linen.  Flowers are from the dollar bin at Michael’s.

A repurpose ~ jean leg to wine bag

What would you think if I showed up at your house for a party with one of these for you?

** Kelly **
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  1. geri clifford says

    This should definitely win the award for cutest idea for recycling denim!!!!!

    Just love it!!!

  2. Odessa Graham says

    Kelly, do you ever sleep? Your mind must work nonstop, because you come up with the cutest and most creative things all the time! I haven’t done any lately, but I have made many a purse, many a pillow, and many a teen boy quilt out of cast off jeans. As to you showing up with a bottle of wine in one of these… no wine required, but if you have it, I have a very special wine glass for you, to help me drink it! Of course it goes without saying…you are welcome anytime! Bless your heart! <3

    • says

      Is hard t turn off the ole noggin sometimes! I made those jean handbags when I was a teenager. Just fabulous! Thank you & I may just show up one day!!

  3. Julie says

    Kelly, I just came across your site and I LOVE your work! Fresh, fun and right up my alley, thanks!

  4. A Cruice says

    Love this idea — I adapted it to make a water bottle holder for my son to keep in his backpack — he loves it!

  5. Brenda says

    The cutest idea I have ever seen. I love your eye for looking natural and for incorporating fall colors. I was thinking these would be so cute if you were to use red and blue cowboy bandanas for the bows and instead of the flowers get some miniatures boots and cowboy hats for embellishments at a backyard BBQ. Adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    My daughter is moving to MO and I am sure she is going to want some of these! Thanks for the project. I have lots of jeans I bought left over from when I was making jean purses.Good use here!

  7. says

    I like them a lot!! I Hope you don’t bother if I use one of the pics in my blog to show your bags and link to your tutorial. Please let me know if there’s any problem.

  8. says

    This is SUCH a unique idea! I hadn’t seen this before, it’d be awesome if you linked it up at our Welcome Home Wednesday link party tomorrow or even a new project. I can’t believe how ingenious this is 🙂

  9. Nancy Feekes says

    In answer to your question, I would love it if you showed up at my door with this beautiful (regifted, repurposed, rebeautified, reinvented) gift! What an amazing idea!!! I am redoing my bathroom using burlap, twine and fabric-wrapped canvas pictures AND these flowers/leaves. Hmmm, wonder if I could add denim as an added dimension? You are amazing!!! Thank God for those who think outside of the box, whether wine or cardboard!!! Happy day to you!

  10. Barbara says

    If you showed up at my door, I’d invite you in and we’d share that bottle of wine. I love the blue jean wine bag and I’d fill it up again and give it to a friend!

    God bless you and a very Happy New Year.