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Perfect Linens give away

The Perfect Linens ~ and a give away

All the pieces are coming together.  Our renovation is progressing along fast, but there is just so much to do. I am waiting until the dust settles - literally - to style it all.  To arrange it all just right & then I'll show you. Ok ... I'll show you some pieces today…the ceiling, the chandy, the chair, the barn door hardware, the master bath fittings. One piece I could not wait to unwrap, put on and enjoy - our new sheets. Read on to get your own set of new sheets! Sharing details on our new sheets with you today and giving you the chance to win a set of your own and 15% off a purchase. While I tell you about our new bed linens, I will show you pictures of some of the other pieces of our master bedroom … [Continue...]

Under counter lighting

Under Counter Lighting – A 101 Guide

Layering is not just for clothes & decor. Layering your lighting will produce beautiful results in your home. This is especially true in the kitchen, where layered light sources make it not only look better, but function better too. Layers of Light in a Kitchen overhead (can lights/high hats) focal (chandelier, pendant) table lamp under counter  Under Counter Lighting Today I am talking about under counter lights as I am in the market … [Read More...]

Camellias a growing guide

Camellias – a 101 Guide

I am surrounded! By Camellias that is.  My porch has tall Camellia bushes in front & both sides.  And, I drink tea all day... Did you know Camellia Sinensis is the tea plant? Suffice to say my life is full of Camellias these days.  So I wanted to learn more about them.  I did and I am sharing what I learned with you. Camellias - a landscape shrub Like many landscape shrubs there are thousands of cultivated varieties & hybrids of the Camellia … [Read More...]

Valentine Ideas

Valentine Ideas from 7 bloggers

A day dedicated to love, pretty treats and sweets. My kind of holiday!  And I am not alone in thinking this way.  Six of my blogging friends have decorated, crafted & baked in the spirit of Cupid.   Today we share our inspiration & ideas so you can bestow even more love, pretty treats & sweets on the ones you love. Let your arrows fly as we kick off 7 Sweet Valentine's Day Ideas ! Seven Sweet Valentine Ideas   Yvonne from StoneGable … [Read More...]

Minted Art Give Away

Minted Art – $250 give away

A leisurely gallery stroll... Stopping to take in and admire ~ beauty, technique, interpretation. Then taking home a piece that really strikes a cord with you. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. But when do you get to do that…?? ( keep reading I have a present for you ) What if I told you there is a place right in your house, or even in your hand, where you can do that any day. Minted your on line Gallery It is Minted...  You probably … [Read More...]

Farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen Demolition and a plan

Words can't really describe... So watch this video I made for you. From the kitchen demolition dust this will appear... Appear with the elements I talked about here and probably a few tweaks.  Such as, I have an idea on how to save $ on some cabinets. Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas I have lots of ideas & have a lot of inspiration for you here on my Kitchen's Kelly Loves Board.  Here is one I really like.  Follow along & see the rest. Elements … [Read More...]

Belgian Linen how to recognize

Belgian Linen 101

Chocolate and linen expertise - really, what is not to love about Belgium? Sweets aside for a moment - what makes Belgian linen - well, so Belgian? Belgian linen is "bespoke" in the sense that is made to a set of standards.  I have waited & waited for the right moment to use that word. What makes it so & how can we non Belgians separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? I am going to tell you right now - so hands out of the virtual … [Read More...]


Glass Christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornaments – a give away

When I don't get a good nights sleep, I try to look on the bright side. "Wow, I am so tired I am going to sleep great tonight!" Trying the same strategy with our huge renovation over the holidays. … [Read More...]

How to be a general contractor

Be your own General Contractor

Since I mentioned that I am the general contractor on our big renovation and that we are living in during the process, I have received many questions, been met with surprise and, I am pretty sure, … [Read More...]