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My Paint Saint

My Paint Saint – you need one!

Why didn't I think of that…? You know a product is useful, needed & terrific when the reaction is, "Why didn't I think of that…?" This is the reaction of everyone who has seen & tried a My Paint Saint. My Paint Saint is a product that allows you to use and store paint without mess, oxidation or cleaning brushes. Read on for the give away & special offer. Perfect for touching up, projects, and bigger painting jobs.   As the tag line says, My Paint Saint is a 21st century solution to an age old problem. My Paint Saint saves you time, money & helps keep your home looking its best. Touch up painting is a necessary part of home maintenance, but a big pain. Drag out a rusty can, pry it open, find a … [Continue...]

bHome app

bHome ~ the app for Android Phones

The buzz keeps getting louder... There are more & more of us everyday. More Users on bHome ~ the app that is…and what fun we are having in the "hive". Thrilled to announce that Android Users can now join us.  So if you have been patiently waiting - wait no longer!  Go to the bHome app website & click to download from Google Play. Of course, the iPhone touting amongst us can download from the site as well. It took a few months ~ 'cause it … [Read More...]

Summer table decor

Summer Table Decor

Caught his eye over the tops of our computer screens... You hungry yet? Yup, you?  Where are the girls?  At a sleep over. Want to go out, order in? The summer breeze blowing gently thru the window & the sun just starting to slide to the other side. No…let's stay in…give me a few minutes, then start the grill. What's better than a relaxing dinner at home? A relaxing dinner at home on a gorgeous summer evening with beautiful table decor of … [Read More...]

Patriotic decor

Summer Decorations – Patriotic Wheels

Free is good... Feeling free, living free … free to be you & me. Free crafts may not have been on the founding Fathers' minds, but they sure are on mine. My free 7 days subscription to has given me FREE downloads with which to freely create free crafts!   Get your free subscription here. Want to see what I made so far? For lack of a better name - Patriotic Accordion Wheels. If you know what these are really called do let me … [Read More...]

vintage tote with watering can

Can’t Get Enough of the Summer – HOUSE TOUR

What a week we had at bHome! Our first Summer Open House tour with over 30 blogs showcasing their homes. All the styles, creativity & inspiration - Hope you had time to tour around and enter the Give Away! (ends tonight details below) Thought I would feature the tours in posts throughout the summer.  Good idea, right? So let's have a look at 6 of the bHome Summer Tours today.   Haven't seen these yet?  You are in for a treat.   If you have, it … [Read More...]

Graphic Stock give away

Graphics for crafts, cards, tags & a Give Away

I am blurry eyed…but I can't tear myself away. Just introduced to Graphic Stock and the possibilities are endless. is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock graphics, stock images, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and more. Getting thru the 906 pages with 48 images a page of the "vintage" section took awhile, but I made it & worked my way over to 'holiday"!   Graphic Stock has … [Read More...]

Summer decor cottage style

Home Tour de Force – bHome Bloggers

The bHome Summer Open House Tour is nothing short of a tour de force! You do not want to miss a post, and I don't want you to, so here is an overview of day two with links to all seven blogs. Catch up, have another peek & most certainly download bHome ~ the app to stay connected to us wherever you go and to enter the $200 Painted Fox Treasures give away. bHome Summer Open House Day Two Anita of Cedar Hill Farmhouse makes style seem so effortless … [Read More...]


Burlap chandelier canopy tutorial

Burlap Projects ~ beyond the bolt

If you have been visiting here for even a little while you know I like to use things in ways other than intended.   Burlap has not escaped this treatment, nor has scrub pads, heating ducts, pant legs … [Read More...]