Summer Tablescape with Oly Fun Fabric

Summer Tablescape

Mid summer already?! We still have many sunny, warm, lazy, busy, sandy summer days before us. How are you going to spend those days? What's left on your summer must do list? I want to eat outside more. Dining in the garden is an easy summertime treat. Even easier with the new … {Continue reading…}

Soulful Sundays – enjoy the ride…

let go & enjoy the ride

** Kelly ** … {Continue reading…}

Week in Review – Culinary Quest, a Cave & Cupcakes

white flowers

It was a slow paced week for us at MSH. The girls finished their play, Guys & Dolls, & I am back from the east coast. We laid a bit low recovering from our hectic schedules. On Tuesday, we headed over to the other side of LA in pursuit of all things sprinkle. We hit […]

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How to Use a Pastry Bag: 101

How to use a pastry bag

Chip or cookie? For me a chip…Ok, CHIPS!! I am a savory girl. But Lara, Lara is a sweet girl in more ways than one. And she likes to make her own. So yesterday we went to a cool place in LA (tell you about it tomorrow) and bought baking confections, a pastry bag & […]

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How to Grow Tomato Plants

guide to growing tomatoes

Got 6 hours of sunlight? Got some dirt and a pot? Then you can grow tomatoes! It is almost that simple.  Follow my advice and you will have a bumper crop of sweet, juicy, red orbs all summer long. There are 3 basic types of tomato fruits: cherry/grape paste slicing There are two types of […]

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Soulful Sundays – Open Heart

Quote ~ approach life with an Open Heart

Be open to all the possibilities… ** Kelly **

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Week in Review – picnics, sandwiches & Haven

picnic simple & stylish

Now I think I know what on line dating feels like… Wednesday I traveled to Atlanta for the Haven Blog conference.  The conference sessions would be informative, but I really went was to meet all the incredible women I have come to know only on line. YIKES ~ exciting & kinda scary! Had no time […]

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Summer Picnic – simple & stylish

summer picnic

Have you had a picnic yet this summer? A picnic is such a relaxing & festive way to spend a summer afternoon.  Go to the park or beach with a basket chockfull of goodies – or just set up in your own backyard. Red Envelope asked me to share my perfect picnic.  In my opinion […]

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Locker Lookz for Jo-Ann ~ locker decor sets

LLZ Locker Lookz locker decor

It is only mid summer, but since my daughters will start middle school & high school in the fall, we already have back to school on our minds. My girls are planners -wonder who they take after?! So when I was asked to check out the locker decor line Locker Lookz for Jo-Ann, I jumped […]

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Soulful Sundays – spark to a flame

Spark to a Flame

go a head, light it up… ** Kelly **

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Week in Review – red, white & blue, tomatoes & a trip

Fourth of July DIY Collage

A short but busy week, same by you I bet. Lots of projects planned for the weekend.  Then on Wednesday I head to Atlanta for my first ever blog conference.  I am soooo excited! This week we had lots of red white & blue…let’s review: The tea stained flags. The patriotic webbing wine bag. The […]

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Fourth of July decor ~ red, white & blue

Fourth of July decor

Well, I still can’t believe it is JULY! But since it is, and we never miss a chance to decorate here at MSH, I am going to share with you my Fourth of July decorations. Simple, summery & on theme! Here is what you see when you walk in… tea stained flags, a jar of […]

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Succulents in a Sifter

Succulents in a Sifter

Like the first time a little kid sees their teacher at the supermarket – seeing things in a different light can be mind blowing! Everything isn’t always as it seems ( she eats too? with who? where? ). Looking at things differently challenges our notions and broadens our minds. Deep thoughts for a post on […]

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Soulful Sundays – America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful

It truly is. ** Kelly **

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Week in Review – tea stained flags & Fourth of July

Tea stained flags & other Fourth of July decor

G-O-A-L!!!! ~ or not. The USA is in! You been watching soccer too? Aside from a patriotic support of our team, we are all gearing up for the Fourth here in the US. To that end, I have been making tea stained flags ~  I mean really, who isn’t? (hahaha) Come on, what is better […]

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Wine Gift Bag ~ using webbing

wine gift bag made from webbing

Hostess gifts are tricky. Flowers are troublesome ’cause the host has to do something with them right away. Food is difficult as the menu has been planned & the host will feel they must put it out. This is why I think you can never go wrong bringing wine. ( actually, I think there is […]

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Ice Cream Cake Pie Recipe

Ice Cream Cake Pie -

“Ice Cream Cake Pie” is the invention of my 11 year old Lara. I can’t take credit for the idea or most of the preparing.  I would have asked her to guest post here with her recipe, but she is in camp this week – so you are stuck with me! Lara came up with […]

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Soulful Sunday ~ words

True, Necessary & Kind - things people say -

Been thinking about things people say this week. Here is my conclusion on whether to utter words or not… Maybe not so easy in practice, but worth the effort don’t you think? Happy Sunday, ** Kelly **

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Summer on the Patio

Sofa transformation from indoor sectional to outdoor sensational

Ever since I transformed our old indoor sectional into outdoor seating we have used our patio so much more.  Did you see my DIY transformation? It was one of my early posts, so maybe not.  Go have a peek! It is really nice out on our patio early in the summer morning and in the […]

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Week in Review – Summer, a pillow give away & a tour

handmade pillow give away

Saturday is the official first day of Summer 2014, but we all start Summer on Memorial Day or the day school let’s out, right?  So how has yours been going? I want to slow down my busy schedule & relax a bit more this summer, but I guess I will have to schedule that in […]

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Summer at Home – the Sounds of Summer

Summer at Home Blog Tour

In the kitchen cutting up a watermelon when I hear it…. The splashing, the giggles, calls of “Marco Polo“. “Let’s play mermaids“.  “Yes let’s! ” “I’m Serena the purple one“.  “I’m the pink one!” Melon sliced and on a platter, I head out the kitchen door. Their voices fill the warm summertime air, making everything […]

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Summer at Home Blog Tour

starfish in a bowl

Summer… Just the word conjures up so many wonderful images, activities, memories, tastes and sounds. Children running through a sprinkler, picnics, learning to swim, warm berries off the vine, waves crashing on the shore… We all share in the delights of the summer, but each in our, and our families, unique way. That’s why my […]

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Soulful Sundays – Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day

We had a great trip to Georgia! Happy to be back home with Peter for Father’s Day.  The girls & I are going to spoil him today. Stick with me this week as I have a fantastic blog tour that I know you will enjoy.  Gathered up some of the best of the best in […]

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Week in Review – Georgia on my mind…

magnolia flower with bee

Maybe living in Southampton, South of Houston (Soho) and Southern California has prepared me for Georgia. ‘Cause, although I drink my tea unsweetened, I think I fit right in.  Even if not, everybody is too nice to say otherwise! My parents moved to GA 5 years ago and we are visiting again this week. The girls […]

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Curating a Vintage Collection ~ Lara’s room

curating a vintage collection for the wall -

Putting together a curated collection takes time.  Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly wasn’t decorated in one either. Finding just the right pieces & making them work together takes time.  But isn’t that part of the fun? In Lara’s room the paint is dry, the rug in place, the new linens […]

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5 Ways to be Kind to Yourself – You Deserve it

5 ways to be kind to yourself -

You know, it is ok to be kind to yourself. It is more than ok really, it is necessary.  With all we do, create, fix, organize, arrange, conquer and provide we need a little self inflicted kindness now & again. I couch it in terms of kindness, not “me time”, as who can argue or […]

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