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Avocados 101 - guide

Avocados 101 – a guide

Fruit or vegetable? Fruit. The most protein of all fruits, more potassium than a banana, loaded with folate & vitamin E. Wonderful for your skin and hair ~ you really should be eating avocados!  How to tell when an Avocado is ripe If it yields to the push of your thumb an avocado is ripe & ready to eat.  If it is stone hard the moment is not yet.  If mushy it is gone. Usually the avocados in the market are 3 -4 days pre- ripeness. You can accelerate the process by putting them in a paper bag with an apple or a banana.  Those fruits give off an ethylene gas which speeds up ripening.  (remember what I told you about fruit & cut flowers? - see here) How to Remove the Pit from an Avocado Cut the … [Continue...]

Bouquet of flowers -

New Look Same Feel

So…. So what do you think of My Soulful Home's new look? I'll tell you, it was an inner struggle for me to change the design so drastically, but I am loving it.   Simple, fresh & clean! But while looks count for sure, it is the feel that matters. The feel is the same.  After all, it's still me, just with different colors & without my quilt (the actual one is still at the foot of my bed ). And, it hasn't been just design changes, I did a lot of … [Read More...]

Seven best home decorating tips

Seven Best Decorating Tips

What if you had... a decorator available anytime at the touch of your finger. Someone or someones you know, trust & like.  Who always have a stylish solution, unique perspective & great tips. Well you do!  bHome ~ the app gives you that decorator, those decorators, and so much more! Seven of the bHome bloggers got together today to share our best decorating tips.   Look out for Tips Tuesday on bHome for more useful advice to make your house a … [Read More...]

Gerber daisies planting, growing, enjoying

Gerber Daisies 101 planting, growing, enjoying

You say Gerbera, I say Gerber ... some say Transvaal  (ok, not too many say the last one) Say what you will, your mouth will be smiling when you gaze upon such a Daisy. They may be the happiest looking flowers.  Their dazzling array of colors are so bright & cheerful. Recently, I worked on centerpieces for my daughter's school benefit.  A trip to the fantastic LA Flower Mart resulted in buckets & buckets of Gerbers. The perfect flower for the … [Read More...]

Bookcase styling tips & advice

Bookcase Styling for Spring

I am not neutral about Spring. I am neutral this Spring.  White, ecru, creamy ironstone, tarnished silver & a touch of bling is the theme of my bookcase these days.  You've seen my bookcase decked out for Fall & Christmas.  Now Spring! The advice I shared with you back in the Fall holds true no matter the season or the decor. Advice for Styling a Bookcase have strong foundational elements have a theme & thread it throughout use … [Read More...]

Tulips 101 advice, tips on planting, growing and enjoying

Tulips 101- planting, growing, enjoying

Sometimes plans change. I planned to share something else with you today. Then I popped a pic on IG with a quick tip.  It got a bit of a reaction and my plans changed. Give the people what they want - seems everyone wants to talk tulips! Want to know the tip that turned my day around?  Read on...   Tulips 101 - planting, growing, enjoying Planting Tulips Tulips are grown from bulbs.  They are planted in the Fall and blossom in the Spring. Cold … [Read More...]

unlacquered brass faucets & fixtures mood board

Unlacquered Brass – a living finish

Unlacquered brass is not for the perfectionist. Better suited for a person who likes a bit of age & the unique appearance that comes with living. Same kind of person that opts for marble in the kitchen & shrugs at the enivitable red wine stain. Not mottled or marked, but graced with old world elegance…casual, timeless, sophisticated. Like a confident woman of a certain age with irresistible laugh lines. That is what I want in a faucet gosh … [Read More...]


White and gold tureen

Thrift Store Score

Some days are more fun than others. Some more relaxing. Some busier. And some luckier. I had a lucky day on March 16th. Between appointments I found myself with a bit of time, while bookended … [Read More...]

cloche from a plain glass vase

Make a Cloche from a plain vase

Sometimes it is good when things get turned upside down. I received flowers from a friend for doing a little favor - so appreciated, but so unnecessary dear friend! After the beautiful blooms … [Read More...]