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Lemon yogurt pound cake recipe

Lemon Yoghurt Pound Cake Recipe

Ain't no mountain high enough…. to keep me from getting to a moist pound cake. A loaf, a bundt, a round, a slice…never met one I didn't like. But this one I especially love…my Lemon Yoghurt Pound Cake - moist, zesty and delicious. Pound cakes are the plain janes of the dessert world, but that is what makes them so versatile - a blank canvas or shall I say, blank cake, to which you can add what you like. To this one I added Mountain High Plain Yoghurt & lemon.  Coupon here! The combination of the tangy yoghurt & zesty lemon make this plain pound cake one to turn heads. Mountain High has been in the yoghurt business since 1976.  Turning out container after container of simple healthy food, made in the … [Continue...]

Painted Fox Treasures give away

Painted Fox Treasures – Give Away!!

Sometimes you just get that feeling... You know the one I am talking about. Meet someone for the first time & it is as if you already have a history together. It is easy & just feels right. This is what happened when I met Christine & Jen of Painted Fox Treasures ~ PFt. bHome brought us together ~ and it is at home I feel talking, planning & dreaming with them. I am sure you have heard of Painted Fox, but if not, or if you have but … [Read More...]

Patriotic Ideas & Projects

Patriotic Ideas & Projects – Memorial to Labor Day

So starts the season of red, white & blue, we've gathered ideas & projects from us to you to carry the theme from May all the way thru... Patriotic Ideas & Projects Let's start at the front door with Ann of On Sutton Place.   Ann is a master of the wreath as you can see.  Her front door and porch welcome visitors & the season while decked out in tasteful red, white & blue. Inside you can add an all American favorite the Mason … [Read More...]

Healthier Home Tips

Tips for a Healthier Home – from the floors up

The plush pink rug really made me consider... the "health" of my home. You see the dense pile pink rug covering the hardwood floor in my daughter's room was making her sick.  It had to go and naturally a room 're-do' commenced for both health & happiness! It took awhile to figure out the cause of her waking stuffed up & teary eyed, but we narrowed it down to the rug. Once it was gone her symptoms improved significantly.  Already an allergy … [Read More...]

Artificial grass a guide

Faux Turf – Artificial Grass ~ A Guide

I have a confession... I did something... And, I am going to do it again. I installed faux turf, you know artificial ~ fake grass in our backyard.   It was one of the top 5 best things I did for this house. And I plan on giving the new (old)  house the same treatment. Our 1/2 shade, 1/2 sun, poolside lawn could just never thrive.   Part would be over watered.  Less water and the other part would get scorched.  With the girls & friends jumping … [Read More...]

Dividing plants a guide

Dividing Plants – 101

With most things in life when you divide you get less.  The birthday girl gets less cake when she divides it up amongst her guests. The heiress gets less when the fortune is divided amongst her siblings...and so on. You get the picture. This is not the case in the garden. In the garden when you divide you get more...much more! Isn't the garden a special place? Got questions about dividing your plants? I have answers for you Dividing Plants … [Read More...]

Vintage cup

Give Away ~ from me to you

My cup runneth over & I want to give it to you...  I found this darling vintage cup with charming crazing at the last estate sale I hit. Had it in my hand & thought "put it down ~ you don't do blue"…. then I thought of you! Just a little something special to say thank you for coming here, commenting, asking questions and making My Soulful Home so much fun for me. To enter to win the cup all you need to do is visit my projects, garden … [Read More...]


Bookcase styling tips & advice

Bookcase Styling for Spring

I am not neutral about Spring. I am neutral this Spring.  White, ecru, creamy ironstone, tarnished silver & a touch of bling is the theme of my bookcase these days.  You've seen my bookcase … [Read More...]