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Glass Christmas ornaments

Christmas Ornaments – a give away

When I don't get a good nights sleep, I try to look on the bright side. "Wow, I am so tired I am going to sleep great tonight!" Trying the same strategy with our huge renovation over the holidays. "Wow, we'll really have a fabulous Christmas next year!" But as Christmas only comes once a year…we want to have a fabulous Christmas this year too. And we will.  It will be different ~ with less stuff, amidst plaster dust.  Bright side ~ instant flocking!   And, it will be fabulous!   Christmas Ornament Give Away I was reminded that even a little bit of Christmas is fabulous, when Tree Classics sent me a package of six glass Christmas ornaments. Opening up the box to reveal the sparkly, glass ornaments made me forget … [Continue...]

Vintage door

Sliding Barn Doors 101

I've wanted one. Finding the stash convinced me the time is now & the place is here. But the question remained would it work? The stash is the collection of old doors I found in the barn last week and the answer is YES! So a sliding barn door is in my future. Wanting one & figuring out if you can have one in your space are different things. The wanting is a no brainer & the figuring out is pretty easy too.  Let me tell you what you need … [Read More...]

Apple pie with rosemary recipe

Apple Pie with Rosemary Recipe

I had quite a shock! Hopping in the car yesterday, I caught a glance in the rear view mirror !!! "I am turning grey"!! I reached up to touch what was vibrant red and saw a poof of dust float from my head. Phew - plaster dust! Of course, as it is swirling about us getting in to every nook & cranky and strand. With great relief, I drove on - but I began thinking of the dust that won't be flying in our house this holiday season. No flour dust. … [Read More...]

the-shabby-french-home (1)

bHome & Remnants of the Past

Wish I could take you all with me! Peter & I are heading to the Remnants of the Past Vintage Show in Santa Barbara in a couple of hours. We are going to talk about bHome ~ the app we created together, to give away some bHome swag, to meet Judy, the creative woman behind Remnants, and another fabulous bHome'r Lidy of French Garden House.  See you soon ladies!! I am also going to SHOP!!  With the sheer abundance of vintage finds at Remnants, Peter … [Read More...]

The Dream Bed

The Dream Bed – I dreamed it they delivered it

The Dream Bed is sponsoring this post - but my opinions & dreams are all my own. I am a 'where there is a will there is a way' kinda girl. Does that make me "willful"?   Maybe so, and a bit wishful too. I was recently willfully wishing there was a way to get a queen sized mattress & box spring up to the 3rd floor of our house. The movers finally just said flat out "no way!"  The second staircase is only 28 inches wide & turns, so even I … [Read More...]

How to be a general contractor

Be your own General Contractor

Since I mentioned that I am the general contractor on our big renovation and that we are living in during the process, I have received many questions, been met with surprise and, I am pretty sure, some people think I am nuts.  Not you all, you get it - or you already figured out I am a little nutty! Hey, it is not like I said I need surgery & I going to be my own surgeon.  Being your own renovation general contractor is totally do-able. Do-able and … [Read More...]

Snowman craft http:///

Getting Crafty – my studio & Christmas

I didn't plan it this way... but looks like my studio will be the first area to be fully renovated in our life, I mean, year long project. It just sorta evolved faster and let's face it, I need to get my crafty on ~ just do!  It is better that way... Plus, there is storage out there...rationalizing studio before kitchen. "Out there" is the barn - fits seven cars, if you were so inclined, has a second floor accessed by a spiral staircase & a … [Read More...]


Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments

Shiny Brites – sharing my stash

You remember Cecilia, don't you? Cecilia, whom I was able to get to know thru her decor, treasures, letters and wardrobe. Cecilia, whose house is now for sale & whose things have been … [Read More...]

Mummy candle Halloween project

Mummy Candle – Halloween project

We LOVE Halloween here at My Soulful Home. This year we will have just moved into our new/old house, which seems like it will be perfect for the occasion . Afterall, there is truly a skeleton in the … [Read More...]


Fabric Pumpkins Give Away

As you are reading this post, I am on the top of this mountain. What???  I know, I am supposed to be packing up my house for our move & all that, but instead... I am making memories. When I am … [Read More...]

Lavender plant

A Makeover ~ from the grocery store

Sometimes all you need is a flick of a brush, the right earrings & a bit of gloss ... to go from ho-hum to WOW! Then again, sometimes all you need is a square of fabric, a rubber band , twine … [Read More...]