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Vintage books give away

Vintage Books – a give away

I have nooks & crannies... Little spots here & there where I have stashed many a treasure. Decorator, collector, ferret ~ I am a bit of each. A decorator needs a vast array of unique items to work with, a collector gathers many of the same items for the sport of it, a ferret stashes a curious variety of objects away for another day ~ never know when you might need a ___ or a ____! Going thru my nooks & crannies in preparation for our impending move, I have found that I have a LOT of red vintage books. Vintage Books  I love to decorate with vintage books ~ see here for some tips on doing just that.  And, I do love a splash of red!   But I think I got carried away... I have many more vintage books … [Continue...]

Porch decor mood board inspiration

Porch Decor – a mood board

I have always wanted a front porch. We once had a tiny one - big enough for one chair, me & a magazine. Soon - how soon I am not exactly sure - we will have a porch built for more than one. Perusing bHome for inspiration, I came upon a porch round up by Domino. And, inspiration I got! This porch is configured almost just like mine. Like mine will  be. It is white with black, needs something to block the neighbors house, calls out for a comfy … [Read More...]

Drought tolerant plants a guide

Drought Tolerant Plants – 101 Guide

Even though it has rained the last few days here in Southern California we are in a drought.   With all the weather changes of late, no matter where you live you could find yourself in drought conditions. Declared drought or not, saving water is a great idea for the planet & your wallet. Gardening with drought tolerant plants is a perfect way to do just that.  Read on to get my comprehensive list. Drought Tolerant Gardening First let's talk … [Read More...]

Linen heart sachets

Not a DIY

We can't DIY everything. Can't DIY ... a hug  spotting a smile in a crowded room words of encouragement the way it feels to be understood shared laughter. We can't DIY friendship.                                  ~~~ We are strong alone, but powerful together. We are brave alone, but fearless together. We are smart alone, but brilliant together. My mind turned to these thoughts as I spent the weekend with masterful DIY bloggers at the Haven … [Read More...]

Flower arranging tips advice

Floral Design – step by step

I have been doing lots of floral design lately. Selling your house requires flowers ( lots of tidying up & a bit of patience too… ) Not one to just stick a store bought bouquet a in a vase of course... I have enjoyed buying bunches & bunches of flowers with abandon ( after all they are for the house showings! ) and artfully arranging them. Come to think of it, maybe all this floral design is a way to cope with the uncertainty of the … [Read More...]

Cedar Hill Farmhouse Shop

Cedar Hill Farmhouse – French Style

I never want you to miss out on anything.   Whether it is the health benefits of Chia Seeds, dos & don'ts on dividing plants, how to style a bookcase ~ or anything that I find interesting, useful and beautiful.   I want to share it with you.  That's what friends do... Even more of a reason to share with you here when another friend starts something wonderful.  This just happened  My friend Anita of Cedar Hill Farmhouse just opened a shop. Don't … [Read More...]

Low flow toilet

Low Down on Low Flow ~ water efficient toilets

If you could save 13,000 gallons of water per year in your home wouldn't you do it? Of course you would…me too. That's why I am learning all I can about water efficiency for my upcoming renovation. Toilets certainly aren't the most exciting thing to start with, but since I need to replace one and add three, I want to get the most water efficient on the market.   We'll get to the chandys & open shelving soon I promise! Have a look ~ so you … [Read More...]


Vintage Grain Sack pillow give away

Grain Sack Pillow Give Away

Once filled with grain, I may be insane …but it is blue, so I made it for YOU! I have been going thru my stash in anticipation of our move. Wow…I have a lot of supplies.  Some I just couldn't … [Read More...]

Burlap chandelier canopy tutorial

Burlap Projects ~ beyond the bolt

If you have been visiting here for even a little while you know I like to use things in ways other than intended.   Burlap has not escaped this treatment, nor has scrub pads, heating ducts, pant legs … [Read More...]