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Sedum Autumn Joy

Sedum “Autumn Joy” 101

Sedum "Autumn Joy" should be in your fall containers and garden. As the name implies it is perfect for this time of year.  Blooming in the late summer heat and into fall in most zones. "Autumn Joy" is perennial plant also known as Stonecrop. It is a succulent by virtue of its thick leaves which retain water and it couldn't be easier to grow. Hardy in blistering SoCal September heat to -30F, Sedum "Autumn Joy" is a workhouse of a plant. When low maintenance & beauty combine it should be embraced - hug this plant!  Not that it needs hugs or much of any attention. Pop this perennial into a container or straight into your garden beds and you can pretty much ignore it.   Sedum "Autumn Joy" needs only occasional … [Continue...]

Waterworks marble tile

Master Bedroom & Bath BEFORE and ideas

Well everything seems like a go….the goal is in sight! But with this, more than fluid, situation anything could happen. When the papers are signed & we have moved in, I will share the details of the roller coaster ride we have been on for over a year trying to buy our new/old house. For now, take a look at the BEFORE video of the master bedroom & bathroom. After having a look you might say the roller coaster ride has just begun! Do let me know … [Read More...]

Greek skewer appetizer recipe

Greek Skewer Appetizer – recipe

I have criteria for lots of things, houses, mates, shoes, pillow inserts & the list goes on...   Not rules per se, but what I look for in something. Same goes for party appetizers ~ yup, there is a criteria. I bet you have party appetizer criteria too ~ maybe subconsciously... If  you have passed up a hot chicken wing, drippy shrimp or an overly an engineered tower of food on a baguette slice, even if you were starving, for fear of burning your … [Read More...]

Wallpaper ideas

Wallpaper Ideas – ready to commit

If choosing a paint color is daunting... delving into the world of wallpaper is overwhelming with a capital OVER. You can casually date a paint, but getting involved with a wallpaper is a commitment. So let me help.  Today I'll introduce you to some companies, new &  familiar, that create & sell wallpaper.   I am also sharing some papers I am honing in on for my big project.  Swatches have been ordered, so stay tuned for more on these … [Read More...]

Drought tolerant container garden ideas

Drought Tolerant Container Garden

As the saying goes "when you play you pay". Such is life... Go on holiday for two weeks & your container plants suffer. The price - a trip to the nursery & an afternoon of gardening. A price I am more than willing to pay. Drought Tolerant Container Garden Being the end of the summer & drought conditions here, I chose carefully. Hardy, low water needs, and fitting for the change of season. I do love picking out plants for container … [Read More...]

Summer dinner menu http://mysoulfulhome

Summer Dinner Menu

We are hosting an end of summer dinner party. Getting a date that worked for everyone was the hardest part.  The menu was the easiest part, so I decided to share it with you. Poolside, under the cafe lights and along with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc we will feast on... Summer Dinner Menu Caprese Skewers as portable appetizers - people will be mingling not sitting yet. These are so pretty & just require assembly, no cooking ~ perfect for a hot … [Read More...]

King Protea

Maui Lavender Farm – give away

There is a magical place that I am lucky enough to visit each year. It is high up in the mountains over looking the sea. The mist gives way to sunshine & the scent of lavender fills the air. There aren't any unicorns in this magical place, but there are kings. King Protea that is... And there are scones. The best I have ever tasted. They are made right there on the side of that secluded mountain in Maui with the bounty of lavender that … [Read More...]


Vintage Grain Sack pillow give away

Grain Sack Pillow Give Away

Once filled with grain, I may be insane …but it is blue, so I made it for YOU! I have been going thru my stash in anticipation of our move. Wow…I have a lot of supplies.  Some I just couldn't … [Read More...]