Optimizing Images for SEO & Pinterest – tutorial

Optimize your images for SEO and Pinterest tutorial

I want to be up front... This one is for bloggers. If you aren't a blogger, I have two fantastic giveaways here & here.   One will make you a healthier you & the other is my favorite kitchen essential.   Enter to win & I will see you Friday, ok?  Love you guys & good luck! Ok, … {Continue reading…}

Salt 101 – A Guide to Sea, Kosher & Table

Salt 101 Guide to taste, texture and use sea, kosher and table

Unless you are a real foodie, salt may be one of those taken for granted, not given too much thought things.   However, understanding the differences & best uses for each type of salt can really up your game in the kitchen.   So I am here to fill you in…shake out the facts, sprinkle on some … {Continue reading…}

Wellness – weight training & nutrition

wellness health and nutrition

I have a friend who hurts me. Truly, every time I see this woman, she causes me deep pain. So why do I put up with this and keep coming back for more? ‘Cause she is helping me get stronger & healthier. Soul Sister Series – Meet Sarah Lynn! Meet Sarah Lynn my friend, my […]

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Lavender Bath Salts – a repurpose

Lavender Bath Salts a repurpose

Don’t let the title throw you.  I am not suggesting you repurpose your bath water or bath salts. Even I would not take a repurpose that far – although I suppose you could let the water evaporate and… just kidding! Lavender Bath Salts  The repurpose comes in to play with the materials used to make […]

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Soulful Sundays – real

quote: Life is too short for fake butter, cheese or people

Always in search of the real deal, ** Kelly **  

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Garden Sheds – place to putter, pot & plant

potting bench

A garden shed is a little luxury… A place of one’s own to putter, pile up pots and plant. In winter my thoughts always turn to garden plans.   My plans this year include a garden shed. This is what the every garden shed should have: shelter – enclosed is best, but an over hang […]

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Easy Diet Changes – lemon water, plate size, less bread

Easy changes to your diet

If you are human… you probably make some resolutions, decisions, vows, promises & attempts each January. Many of these efforts involve food & nutrition. Sometimes our goals are just to weighty (excuse the pun). And we get discouraged. You with me so far? Example, I was going to stop eating all carbs ~ in my […]

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Estate Sale Treasures – new ways to use old things

Estate Sale Finds & how to use them

Feeling refreshed and organized, off I went with a car load to donate to my thrift. Singing along to the radio, thinking how good it feels to have less stuff, I spotted the sign. I tried to ignore it – but the siren’s song was too enticing… ERRRR!!…went the brakes, and as if on automatic […]

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Soulful Sundays – Today

Dalai Lama Quote

Enjoy today, ** Kelly **

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Greek Yogurt 101 – why it’s all Greek for me!

Greek yogurt all the facts & why you need to eat it everyday

It’s all Greek  for me… Concerning yogurt that is…oh, and there was that week in Mykonos in the late 80’s…well, that is another story.   Been eating Greek yogurt for awhile.  Started because I believed it to be good for me and found it to be so satisfyingly tasty. Never took the time to find out […]

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Vintage Canisters – a Guide

Vintage Canisters what to look for & how to buy

How many hands reached for the same lid? Scooping out coffee to start the day…what kind of day unfolded? Spooning out sugar to make a sweet treat…who was it for? I get lost in the remembrance & romance of vintage pieces. Love having them fill my home with the quiet history of other lives. Especially […]

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Edit & Organize 4 things every January

Tips & advice on editing and organizing

January may be my favorite month. Really… (totally nothing to do with my birthday, I swear) I love the sense of new, the possibility. 365 brand new adventures ahead. But before setting out on any adventures, you have to get things in order. Take my advice.  Edit & organize these 4 areas of your life to […]

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Happy New Year!

A lot can happen in a year http://mysoulfulhome.com

Isn’t that exciting?! Happy New Year… xx Kelly xx

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Frittata with Sweet Potato & Arugula

Frittata with Sweet potato & arugula http://mysoulfulhome.com

A Frittata is the perfect meal three times over. Breakfast, lunch or dinner and especially perfect made a head for a holiday brunch – a 4th meal! Frittata is like quiche, but better.  Not so heavy or fattening as there is no crust. This one uses up those sweet potatoes you may have left over […]

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2014 ~ at My Soulful Home


Edging on year two of My Soulful Home.  Cliche’, but time does fly, especially when you are busy as a bee. Let’s see some of what we busied ourselves with in 2014… We learned to grow things, like lilacs, garlic & complied the ‘Ultimate Tomato Growing Guide’. Went viral with a repurpose. Squeezed in some […]

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