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Summer entertaining

Sundays at Home Link Party #110

Welcome welcome!! Spring is so busy at our house, yours too? Take a well deserved break and enjoy this week’s features & link up. We’d love to see what you have been up to… This is what we’ve been doing amongst other things, like laundry ūüôĀ My Soulful Home¬† Why I Garden * How to [Read more…]

Monrovia growers

Why I Garden

As if conjuring up magical transformations isn’t reason enough, I thought I would share the other reasons why I ¬†garden. Been spending a tremendous amount of time in my garden lately. ¬† … I have something exciting to share about my garden so read on While designing, digging and all the other delightful things we [Read more…]

bHome weekly newsletter

best of bHome ~ $100 Visa Give Away

I relish spending time with creative, inspiring people. They make me feel energized, excited and I always come away with a new idea. I have these positive, go get the world‘ feelings a lot because I surround myself with passionate, creative people who work to make the world a more beautiful place. I keep these [Read more…]

Shabbyfufu office reveal

Sundays at Home Link Party #109

Hello… Hope you had a terrific week! Welcome to Sundays at Home Week 109. Love of Home Painted Baskets, Asparagus Pesto Pasta, Blackberry Cheesecake Bars, DIY String Art Thoughts From Alice My Soulful Home Farmhouse Tour – Hello Farmhouse * Let’s talk – My First Podcast * My Best Repurpose Project ¬† Now for our [Read more…]

White farmhouse

Farmhouse Tour – Hello Farmhouse

“Love, honor, respect”. Three essentials for any serious long term relationship. With a person…or an old house. Meg, of Hello Farmhouse, put into three words what she, I,¬†we¬† feel about our houses. ¬† We are loving, honoring & respecting our old houses back to life. Meg & I met on Instagram. ¬†I couldn’t follow her [Read more…]

Podcast The Soul of a Home

Let’s talk … Join me!

I did something new today. I was a little nervous. I was really excited. Once it started, I felt completely relaxed and still really excited! I had such fun & I want you to share in it. I was a guest on a podcast.   YIKES!! I was talking … a lot ~ and kinda [Read more…]

Printable bingo cards

Sundays at Home – Link Party #108

Happy Mother’s Day! Wow – we are well into May already… ¬† This spring has brought so many fantastic links to Sundays at Home. Thanks for coming and bring your best! Let’s see what Alice, Susan & I have been up to this week. Then we’ll get to the features! My Soulful Home Ten Minute [Read more…]


Cross bottle give away

Cross Bottle Give Away

Sometimes people immediately click. A person you just met seems like an old friend. ¬†Has¬†that happened to you? That happened to me recently. I crossed paths with Cross Bottle Guy and wow, I am glad I did. His warmth, talent and style are genuine. ¬† His bottles are things of beauty. ¬†They “marry rough with [Read more…]

Black exterior paint trim

Never Paint your Exterior Black

I am not a NEVER girl. In fact, I am a never say never girl, but I may have found one exception. ¬† Never paint new exterior wood black or a dark color. ¬†Your front door in particular…especially if it is south facing. My plan here at My Soulful Home was to paint the saffron [Read more…]

Blog link party

We are Invited to a Party!

I have been invited to a party! Guess what? ¬†You are invited too. You don’t have to dress up or drive anywhere or bring anything. But if you did make something or do something and you want to share please do! We have been invited to the Sundays at Home link party hosted up till [Read more…]

Farmhouse glam lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen Chandelier

Let’s trip the lights fantastic together! I am in the market for the perfect light for our soon¬†to be completed farmhouse kitchen. We have the elements of a farmhouse glam kitchen I talked about with you. Yes, there will be some bling with my burlap, rustic & refined details that add up to farmhouse glam. [Read more…]