Bottle Snowmen – get the tutorial

Bottle Snowmen - get the tutorial

We can't make cold snowmen where we live. But we can make these adorable bottle snowmen…well, actually snow people. Love making these, especially gluing on their little faces & accessories ~ each one takes on a different personality as you are creating. Want to make some … {Continue reading…}

Soulful Sundays – a gift for you

Open the gift of today

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Week in Review – Sparkly Silver & Gold

Jillery 20% off sale get the code at

You remember Jill, right? Read here if you missed out. Jill of Jillery, artist, entrepreneur, life long friend of mine.   Well, Jill is coming to town.  Yippee! While making plans for her visit she suggested a sale for my awesome readers.  She is just that kind of friend. So now is the time to […]

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Room Reveal – Lovely Lavender for Lara

Room Reveal - tween bohemian vintage vibe

Finishing touches sometimes take a while. You really can’t rush a bohemian vintage vibe ~ that kinda feeling evolves over time or takes time scouring flea markets, estate sales & getting crafty. While the big things set the tone. It is the little things that make a room speak, give it life.  Those little details […]

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Repurpose – Sweater & Napkin to a Pillow

Sweater to Pillow repurpose

Who tosses cashmere? Nobody. Who wears a circa 1992 Ann Taylor Loft-y sweater, even if it is cashmere, in 2014? Well, not me.  Just doesn’t suit my lifestyle now, like it did when I wore suits. Yet, there it sits year after year.  I can’t toss it or give it away. Not only is it […]

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Soulful Sundays – like stars

Soulful Sundays - like stars httP://

Send this to your stars, xx Kelly xx

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Week in Review – crafting, Christmas & bulbs

How to design a Christmas Mantel

Guess who I crafted with at Michael’s in L.A. on Monday? No, not Martha she is in East Hampton fattening up her turkeys. I crafted with Sabrina Soto of HGTV! Michael’s hosted a wonderful event for bloggers to kick off their “Make it with Michael’s Pinterest Party”.  You can join in the fun this Saturday. […]

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Christmas Mantel Design – the key is…

How to design a Christmas mantel

Ok, I did have to check mantle or mantel ~ it is the latter. Spell check out of the way, the decorating began. The key to Christmas mantel design is layering ~ yes, layering. With such a narrow area you need to add depth to your design. So think layers, textures, a variety of heights & […]

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Soulful Sundays – Approval

Soulful Sundays Quote ~ Approval

This is a tough one…but try. ** Kelly **

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Soul Sister Series – met Lesa Wallace

Soul Sister Series ~ Lesa Wallace

Thrilled to be sharing the second post in my Soul Sister Series. Please meet Lesa Wallace, the artist & CEO of The Giving Bracelets. I met Lesa on the beyond beautiful island of Maui ~ where she made me the loveliest bracelet & told me the story of her company. We starting chatting at her […]

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