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Heirloom tomato text

What is an Heirloom Tomato anyway – the answer

The other evening, Lara & I were preparing dinner. I said “our sauce is going to be so delish using these heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market“ Lara said – “what’s an heirloom tomato?” Hmmm….Couldn’t exactly put it into words….I said something about the seeds & the funny shapes. Not a solid response ~ so I [Read more…]

Backyard inspiration with Pier One

Backyard Decor – getting there & a SALE

I was compensated for this post, but my opinions and backyard dreams are all my own. Now that the inside restoration is nearing completion and the front gardens are planted we are turning our attention to the backyard. And ~ wow ~does it need attention!   But even this state is a vast improvement over [Read more…]

American flag decor

Sundays at Home Link Party #115

Fourth of July is quickly approaching. Some say, that marks the 1/2 way point of the summer – others say the 4th means summer is just getting started. Wherever you fall on that topic, I think we can agree summer breezes by too fast. To help make your summer more festive we rounded up the [Read more…]

Love of Home tour

1890 Farmhouse Tour – Love of Home

I have never seen her, but we see things the same. I have never seen it, but feel like I have. Talking about my dear friend Susan & her warm welcoming home. It is a farmhouse built in 1890 ( mine 1886, another thing in common ) People go on about how computers, the internet [Read more…]

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea – a coneflower

Pretty, prolific bloomer and a perennial – need I say more? No I need not, you simply need this plant in your garden. Well, that doesn’t mean I won’t say more. …This plant deserves a bit more praise Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea – don’t let the fanciful name fool you – is down to earth literally & [Read more…]

Garden Tools

Sundays at Home Link Party #114

How is your summer going so far? Have you done anything really summery, like time at the beach? We haven’t yet – I am working like crazy to get the backyard live-able for the summer. Still dirt, but leveled out now and privacy trees being planted. Need some grass – fast! Aside from that, Susan [Read more…]

My Paint Saint touch up painting

My Paint Saint – the touch up paint tool

It is a tool. A tool you need in your “box”. A tool you will use more than a hammer or screwdriver. My Paint Saint is the perfect tool for touch up painting. If you have been around My Soulful Home for a while, you might already know how much I love My Paint Saint. [Read more…]


Ten Steps to Timeless Design

Ten Steps to Timeless Design & an offer

Timeless Not “a look”, trendy, overly styled or copycat. Timeless design – timeless decor. That is what I am after.  I have been thinking A LOT about this as I begin decorating my Victorian Farmhouse. Timeless design – timeless decor. What does that even mean, Kelly?  You might ask… Well, to me timeless design strikes [Read more…]

Spring projects & ideas

Spring Projects & Ideas

Spring makes me want to get busy – well, busier! The garden is waking up, there is cleaning to be done & fresh inspiration pops up everywhere you turn. Like here today!   Five of my favorite bloggers have come together with me to share our favorite spring projects & ideas. Easy Spring Projects & [Read more…]

Cross bottle give away

Cross Bottle Give Away

Sometimes people immediately click. A person you just met seems like an old friend.  Has that happened to you? That happened to me recently. I crossed paths with Cross Bottle Guy and wow, I am glad I did. His warmth, talent and style are genuine.   His bottles are things of beauty.  They “marry rough with [Read more…]

Black exterior paint trim

Never Paint your Exterior Black

I am not a NEVER girl. In fact, I am a never say never girl, but I may have found one exception.   Never paint new exterior wood black or a dark color.  Your front door in particular…especially if it is south facing. My plan here at My Soulful Home was to paint the saffron [Read more…]