Christmas Tree Ornament – a repurpose

Christmas Tree Ornament from a TP roll

I couldn't help myself ... Been collecting the empty cardboard rolls since I had the idea - and they were piling up! So I got started today… on Christmas Tree ornaments, I know... But if you want to make some too, you'll have time. Back to pumpkins, Halloween & Thanksgiving … {Continue reading…}

Soulful Sundays – Butterfly


To all my Butterflies... xo, ** Kelly ** … {Continue reading…}

Week in Review – presents, potatoes & pumpkins

Fall table setting

Lots popping over here at MSH this week. Just the way I like it to be! Presents arrived in the mail for Peter’s b’day & one very thoughtful one for me. Remember I was pining for the orange enamelware coffee pot that I let slip away? Well, my mom read that post & promptly ordered […]

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White Pumpkin Round Up…fall decor

White pumpkins Fall Decor - http;??

While I am waiting, not so patiently, for my crate of baby boo white pumpkins, I am moving around the ones I have. Setting up different displays here & there… …and oogling other people’s white pumpkin vignettes. Those were mine.  Want to see some others with me? Sure you do!  Some even have blue pumpkins! French […]

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Dog Treat – Biscuits, a bandana & love

Dog Treat for the holidays -

Did you know, October is adopt a pet month? My friend Jeanette knows this and it is why she hosts the annual blog tour in support of shelter animals in October. To raise awareness of the availability of these animals and their need for a loving home.  And your need for them! I didn’t know […]

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Cute Cans with succulents – a repurpose

Re purpose - cute can with succulent

I really didn’t want to go to the market again today. Had to return to the basic market. You know, where you get stuff like tin foil. (does anyone go to just one market?) Well, there I was when I spotted them…these cute cans! The label vibrant, bi-lingual & vintage-y.  Suddenly my trip was much […]

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Week in Review – pillow, white pumpkins and…

Flowers for Sale sign

Hey everyone, what do think of this pillow from One King’s Lane? I just pulled it out of the box. (love ending the week with my friend, the Fed Ex man!) Don’t order that much for myself, mostly for clients. ~ but can’t have too many pillows or friends.  This one is for me ~ […]

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Enamelware – a collector’s guide

Enamelware ~ a collector's Guide

I like to know about stuff, especially stuff I like.  Don’t you? Enamelware is something I like & collect, so I wanted to find out more about it. Once I did, I figured you would like knowing too. Enamelware was the first mass-produced American kitchenware. Production began in the 1870s, and continued through the 1930s. […]

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Fall decor – Leaf Garland

Fall decor - leaf garland

There is potential everywhere. Diamonds in the rough waiting to shine. Candidates for an up cycle hoping for a better purpose. Such is the case with cheesy & cheap holiday decor from drug store chains. Enter the aisle with an open mind & there is no telling what you will come up with for $2.99 […]

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Soulful Sundays – forever is now

Forever is now

Live in the moment… ** Kelly **

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Soul Sister Series – Meet Veronica Roth

Soul Sister Series ~ Veronica Roth

When I discover something wonderful I want to share it! This urge to share is one of the reasons I started blogging. When I did, guess what happened? I discovered more & more wonderful things…and not just things, people…interesting women. Women creating, giving back, making the world a better place. Couldn’t keep these women to […]

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Apple Recipes – beyond the pie!

5 Apple Recipes -beyond the pie

Is there anyone who doesn’t like apple pie? But maybe you’d like to think beyond the pie this year.  Maybe it is still hot where you are or maybe you just want to think outside the bushel. Any way you slice it,  these 5 Apple recipes are a twist on the usual Fall apple fare […]

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Pumpkins from scrubbing pads – a repurpose

Pumpkins from Scrubbing pads a repurpose

At the hardware store again the other day browsing… When I spotted packages of 3 ‘would be’ pumpkins for $2.99. “Would be” because they weren’t pumpkins yet, they were copper scrubbing pads for pots & pans. They had a higher purpose…Fall decor at MSH. I resisted buying 10 packs & settled on 2. Less then an […]

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Soulful Sundays ~ Season

Fall Home Tour - My Soulful Home

What is you favorite season? It is fall for me. Have a look here to fall in love with the season! ** Kelly **

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Fall Home Tour – My Soulful Home

Fall Home Tour - My Soulful Home

Fall is the season my house shines the brightest… It is a cozy house, built in 1935 of brick & stone.  It has a few fireplaces and lots of places to get comfortable. I love having you all over, especially this time of year,  so I was very pleased to be included this wonderful Fall […]

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Solar Panels – Generate Positive

Solar Powered Farmhouse

They had me at their tag line, “Generate Positive”.  Love that! While doing this in life is essential to happiness, doing this for real can save the planet & money too. Stick with me for the positive attitude & give Sungevity a call when you are ready to really “generate positive”. You see, Sungevity offers solar […]

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Hiking in England ~ The North Downs Way

Hiking the North Downs Way Surrey England

I generally don’t go with the crowd, but I would go anywhere with my herd. I have shared with you the friendship & adventures of the Goats ~ read here for the Herd Story. Our longest & most far flung adventure unfolded last week.  All 7 of us followed each other to the UK for […]

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Soulful Sundays ~ weed or wish?

See a weed or a Wish

I hope you make a wish, xx Kelly xx

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20 Projects for the Best Halloween Ever !

20 Halloween Projects

Every year about a week into school, the discussions start. “I might to do a group costume.”, “I’ve been thinking about being something scary this year.”  “Do we still have that black wig?”  And it goes on for weeks! We like, Martha Stewart, really love Halloween. Gotten pretty good at it over the years too. […]

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Just had to Share what I am Feeling with you…

A mother's story

Tethered to a wire on the edge of abyss. Both scared but knowing it was inevitable. Hoping for just a little more time. I looked over, she appeared smaller than lately in the borrowed rain slicker & goofy orange helmet. Her long legs braced against the wooden scaffolding, the only sign of how big she […]

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Soulful Sundays ~ create joy!

Soulful Sundays Create Joy!

You have the power! ** Kelly **

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Week in Review ~ words, getting a pass & a bloom

Flowering succulent

When did “viral” become a positive? (Ava had a virus this week & that was not a positive.) I made wine bags out of jeans they went viral and that was a positive. Funny how words & the way we use them change over time. Groovy meant wood with indents cut in it until the […]

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Neutral Fall Decor ~ 5 bloggers show the quiet side of Fall

Decorate for Fall with Neutrals ~ 5 bloggers show you how

Neutral is not something I usually am. I’d be a bad Switzerland. I tend to take a side. Personally not neutral….but in decor it is growing on me more & more. Stone Gable’s Soft Fall Decor Neutral, as a tone, is defined as “color that is not bright or strong”. But isn’t white as bright […]

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Coleus ~ the ultimate growing guide

How to grow Coleus

Like succulents, Coleus have really grown on me. In the shade, in containers, and even in the sun, Coleus are a colorful & textured addition to the garden. Traditionally thought of as shade plants, many of the new varieties are tolerant of sun. With 600 varieties, the diversity of foliage color, leaf shape, and growth habit […]

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Soulful Sundays ~ a recipe

dream big

Here is recipe for life… Have a lovely Sunday, ** Kelly **

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Week in Review – bye to summer, gazpacho salad not soup


We unofficially said good bye to summer this week. The seasons, even living in Southern California, have such a distinct feel to them. No season feels like a Tuesday…all seasons have a clear strong feeling like Friday. ~~~ We had a wonderful summer, it was the one before high school & middle school ~ an on […]

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