Chandeliers 101 – choosing, sizing & history

Chandeliers 101 a guide

Chandeliers have been hanging around for a long time. Since 14th century France to be exact, where they adorned Medieval churches & abbeys. Choosing one for your home can be intimidating, as chandys can be expensive & are a focal point. That's the idea right? - Right! - so you want to get … {Continue reading…}

Drop Cloth Pillow with welting & fray

Drop cloth pillow tutorial

Just don't know if I can. I know I promised but, …don't know if I can give this one away. It's become part of the family ~ the family room that is... I made this drop cloth pillow for friend who is running an auction at her kid's school - you know, "silent auction" items needed! She is the … {Continue reading…}

Simple Easter Decor – really simple and a special shop

Simple Easter decor spray painted eggs

Things can be simple. Simple is nice. Somethings are simple & perfect just as they are – like eggs. Eggs are simply perfect, but sometimes they want to get dressed for the holidays. So how about a simply perfect golden egg or a dozen if you like a crowd. Hard boil the eggs, let cool, […]

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Thrift Store Score

White and gold tureen

Some days are more fun than others. Some more relaxing. Some busier. And some luckier. I had a lucky day on March 16th. Between appointments I found myself with a bit of time, while bookended by a Good Will to the left and the hospital thrift shop to the right.   Thrift Store Score Got […]

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Make a Cloche from a plain vase

cloche from a plain glass vase

Sometimes it is good when things get turned upside down. I received flowers from a friend for doing a little favor – so appreciated, but so unnecessary dear friend! After the beautiful blooms faded, I washed out the vase. Leaving it upside down on the counter to dry. Passing by later on I thought – […]

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Toll House Cookies – give you dough!

Nestle Toll House give away

I am not just talking cookie dough today… Talking real dough too – $ dough you can use at Target. Toll House Target Give Away Remember my post about Toll House Cookies? Nestle liked it – as I like their cookies – and offered to give a My Soulful Home reader a $25 Target gift card. Sweet!! […]

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Spring Decor – lettuce & carrot planter

Spring decor lettuce and carrot planter

Why make a salad when you can… just as easily make spring decor? Let me … or shall I say, lett -uce show you how! I saw a 6 pack of lettuce at the plant nursery.  So pretty, frilly & green I thought it would be lovely in a planter.   One thing led to another […]

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Rug Pads 101- why & which you need

Rug Pads 101 - why, what kind, Give Away

It is always best to start with a good foundation. A coat of primer on a wall. Healthy soil in the garden. Fresh ingredients for a meal. A solid foundation makes the rest better. Such is the case with rug pads. Certain rug pads can provide a solid foundation. I have been on all sides […]

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Chesterfield Sofa – history, design & choices

Chesterfield sofas history, design & choices

Something very exciting is happening soon-ish… Can’t mention it yet ( I despise when people, tell you there is something exciting, but then leave you hanging… ) Why am I doing that then? Because I am busting to tell you – so I am sorta telling you!! I can tell you this ~ for this thing […]

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Spring Decor – Decorating my Hearth

Make it Spring Inside

Well, despite what might be said, size does matter. For televisions anyway. What does this have to do with my Spring decor you ask…? It is the reason I am decorating my hearth not my mantle.  You see, well you don’t see, ’cause I didn’t show you. There is a big tv up top. This […]

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Need Cookies Fast? Make These…

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Got cookies? More like NEED cookies ~ and fast! You’ve probably had it happen too… Mom, I signed up to bring cookies That’s nice honey, for when? Today. TODAY??!! Instead of launching into “why didn’t you tell me earlier, blah blah blah….” Instead of running to the store for ingredients… Instead of using time you don’t […]

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Olive Oil 101 – all you need to know

Olive Oil 101 - all you need to know

“Like a virgin” ~ sorry,  just isn’t good enough Not in respect to olive oil anyway… Olive Oil 101  There are 3 basic categories of olive oils & one cream of the crop type. extra virgin virgin refined olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the […]

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Spring Garden Planning – Monrovia

Spring garden planning with Monrovia

Gardening is a passion ~ therapeutic, enriching and risky. Every gardener knows this. So many things have to go right to have healthy garden…so many things out of one’s control. What you can control is choosing hardy & healthy plants. This is why I buy Monrovia.  Have been for years. Monrovia plants are regionally grown in […]

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A lot can happen in a year

Spring entry vignette

A lot can happen in a year… Thinking about that today as I cleaned up from an annual breakfast meeting. This is always a different sort of day, with china, extra chairs & more flowers, sitting in my living room sipping coffee, eating dessert for breakfast, papers & talking as morning turns to noon. Inevitably […]

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Easter Basket – Texture & Neutrals

Easter basket in neutral palette with yarn, twine, brown & white eggs

There is something I want to learn to do. Anything you want to learn to do? I want to learn to knit. Sometimes I get lost in the yarn aisle and can’t resist. This happened when I popped in to Joanne’s to get that tiny hole punch I needed for my Mother’s Day Banner.   […]

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