Faux Flowering Branches – tutorial

Faux flowering branches a tutorial http://mysoulfulhome.com

I don't do faux. Never a faux, nail, eye lash or other things... … like plants!  Not that I am opposed, just don't.  Well, ok ~ I am opposed to faux plants. But today I did a bit of faux. How to make Faux Flowering Branches The branches are real, so just a touch faux. Faux flowering … {Continue reading…}

Chia Seeds 101 – recipes and facts

Chia seeds facts and recipes http://mysoulfulhome.com

What is both part of a novelty gift from the 70's and a super food treasured by the ancient Mayan culture? If you said Chia seeds go to the head of the class! Whether your knowledge of Chia seeds ends at "ch-ch-ch-chia!  Chia Pets!" Or you have been rockin' your diet with these powerful seeds … {Continue reading…}

Tote Wreath for Spring – tutorial

Tote wreath for Spring http://mysoulfulhome.com

There really is no rule… that a wreath has to be round.  You are used to me thinking out of the box. ( or …what can I do with the box?) So not surprising that my Spring wreath is not a circle. It is a tote bag. Want to learn how to make a tote […]

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Spring Wreaths – round up

Spring wreath ideas http://mysoulfulhome.com

I feel like making something pretty to hang on my front door. Adding a bit more Spring to go along with my new container garden. Spring is fleeting here. It comes & goes even faster than ‘winter’.  (I know, cry me a blizzard, right?) I looked around and found some inspiration from some of my bHome […]

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Container Garden 101 – for Spring

Container garden group containers of varying heights for impact http://mysoulfulhome.com

I so enjoyed planting my container garden.   Really couldn’t wait to show you… I put it together on Wednesday, right after launching the bHome app. Excited, nervous, filled with anticipation, I had to get out of the house & focus on something else. Gardening was the perfect productive distraction ~ and I had all […]

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bHome – the app – Your home on mobile

bHome app - Download it - Inspire, Create, Connect http://mysoulfulhome.com

I have held a secret from you for months. Didn’t want to tell you until it was just right. (I am so excited to share!) It’s a place I know you will enjoy – a place we can all be together with people who love the same stuff & “get” us.   bHome – Inspire, […]

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Container Garden – using a white & green palette

Container gardening with a white & green palette http://mysoulfulhome.com

Don’t hate me for what I am going to say. Well here goes, …It is Spring here.   When my pear tree blooms spring has sprung and it has. But it will be Spring by you soon too…maybe it is already! Because it is Spring my container gardens need a re-do.  My coleus were beautiful […]

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Serviz – wonderful service & Give Away

Carpet cleaning, why, when , how & who http://mysoulfulhome.com

DIY is my middle name..well actually it is Ann, but you know what I mean. I like to do things myself and if you are here you probably do too. But sometimes we need to call on some professional help, right? Carpet cleaning & appliance repair fall into that category for me…and I have discovered […]

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Valentine’s Day Ideas from six blogs

Valentine ideas from six bloggers http://mysoulfulhome.com

Valentine’s Day… a totally unnecessary, but welcomed day of sweetness. A chance to express feelings, even secretly, and spoil the ones you love. The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Ideas My friends do Valentine’s Day right, so I wanted to share their projects with you.  These ideas will make spoiling your valentines, or yourself easy…and beautiful. Kerryanne at Shabby […]

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Chalk Board Paint Valentine Jars

Chalk Board Paint Valentine Jars http://mysoulfulhome.com

You know what today will be? Today will be the day my girls start reading my blog… Because I am sharing with you what I am making for them for Valentine’s Day!! Chalk Board Paint Valentine Jars  These little jars are an easy repurpose and filled with sweets ~ a perfect Valentine. Make up a […]

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Pineapple Protein Smoothie – Pure Earth Juice

Pineapple protein smoothie recipe

I’ve been taking little ‘trips’ to Hawaii lately… Somedays right after I workout & somedays in the late afternoon. Whenever a need a little boost. Wanna know how I get there? A sip of Pure Earth Pineapple Juice transports me, yup ~ juice. You see, I drink pineapple juice when we visit Hawaii – “a when […]

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Optimizing Images for SEO & Pinterest – tutorial

Optimize your images for SEO and Pinterest tutorial

I want to be up front… This one is for bloggers. If you aren’t a blogger, I have two fantastic giveaways here & here.   One will make you a healthier you & the other is my favorite kitchen essential.   Enter to win & I will see you Friday, ok?  Love you guys & […]

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Salt 101 – A Guide to Sea, Kosher & Table

Salt 101 Guide to taste, texture and use sea, kosher and table

Unless you are a real foodie, salt may be one of those taken for granted, not given too much thought things.   However, understanding the differences & best uses for each type of salt can really up your game in the kitchen.   So I am here to fill you in…shake out the facts, sprinkle […]

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Wellness – weight training & nutrition

wellness health and nutrition

I have a friend who hurts me. Truly, every time I see this woman, she causes me deep pain. So why do I put up with this and keep coming back for more? ‘Cause she is helping me get stronger & healthier. Soul Sister Series – Meet Sarah Lynn! Meet Sarah Lynn my friend, my […]

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Lavender Bath Salts – a repurpose

Lavender Bath Salts a repurpose

Don’t let the title throw you.  I am not suggesting you repurpose your bath water or bath salts. Even I would not take a repurpose that far – although I suppose you could let the water evaporate and… just kidding! Lavender Bath Salts  The repurpose comes in to play with the materials used to make […]

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