Lara’s Mood Board – Room Re-do Update

Lara's Room Re-do

Eleven is a lot of things... Eleven is on the cusp…being there is thrilling, yet scary. Eleven is looking head and holding on. Lara is 11. So the mood of her room needs to be eleven…two steps forward & one back. Lara is keeping her gallery collection ( pictured above … {Continue reading…}

Succulent Dish Garden- hardware store re-purpose

Succulent Dish Garden

You can just feel it... ...when someone is staring at you. There I was at the hardware store in front of the shiny galvanized duct work materials contemplating a project when I felt them ~ eyes on me... I turned to see an elderly gray haired gentleman staring at me. "Not everyday … {Continue reading…}

Happy Easter – Enjoy a Relaxing Sunday

nest wreath tutorial

Celebrating or not, have a wonderful relaxing Sunday! See you here tomorrow, when I will share my latest succulent project. Can’t wait to show it to you! ** Kelly **

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Week in Review – edible Easter decor, a lovely magazine, a board & a friend

Decorated Easter eggs, burlap Easter eggs

Decorations you can eat are great! Like my burlap wrapped eggs.   Imagine if at Christmas all the decorations we decked out our homes with could then be Christmas dinner. Take down the wreath put it on a platter, grab the garlands for a side dish, pick ornaments off the tree for dessert.  The time […]

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Beyond the Garden Gate – Garden Conservancy Open Days 2014

Garden Conservancy Open days

Ever want to see what’s on the other side of the hedge? Find out if the grass really is greener? Well, every year you can…just join in the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program. I do! The Garden Conservancy’s mission is to preserve and sustain America’s gardens for the education & enjoyment of the public. In furtherance of […]

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How to Make a Burlap Shelf

how to make a burlap shelf/

Shelves are so practical & useful, but there comes a time when a shelf needs to be even more. Is that asking too much?  I don’t think so… Sometimes a shelf can’t just sit there.  It needs to make a bit of a statement, add a little character. I needed such a shelf to use […]

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Week in Review – dirty hands, secrets, a pen & a parade

secrets to a lush & lovely garden /

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep my hands clean this week! Gardening at home, for clients & at my daughters’ school.  Dirty hands make for clean living.  Enjoying the outdoors, getting a work out and…I am so pooped after a day in the garden it is early to bed & early to […]

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Nest Wreath Tutorial ~ and a bit of history

Nest wreath tutorial

Do you decorate with wreaths? Did you know in doing so you are carrying forward a custom dating back thousands of years? In ancient Rome people used wreaths as a sign of victory & celebration. The concept of hanging a wreath on your front door likely stems from this Roman tradition.  As they say “when in […]

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Whole Orange Bundt Cake – dense, moist & delicious

Orange bundt cake recipe/

The whole orange ~ rind & all ~ makes this cake dense, moist & delicious with the tang of marmalade. Not cloyingly sweet, this cake is  perfect for Easter brunch, with tea or even a dessert wine.  The glaze adds just the right amount of sweetness for a perfect balance. Remember that commercial “If I […]

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Week in Review – Los Olivos, Getting Back $ & Farmhouses

Los Olivos California Shopping

As you know I was lucky enough to be nestled in the lap of luxury at the Biltmore Santa Barbara for a few days this week. Saying goodbye to those surroundings was a struggle, but having the charming town of Los Olivos on our agenda made leaving easier.   Los Olivos is tucked in the […]

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